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‘Major Announcement’: Is Donald Trump Preparing to Declare a National Emergency to Gain Wall Funding?

Image: Shutterstock U.S. President Donald Trump has promised to make a ‘major announcement’ on Saturday afternoon. This comes as the partial government shutdown nears the one-month mark. Without going into much detail, Trump said the focus of the announcement would be on the partial government shutdown and the ‘Humanitarian Crisis on our Southern Border’: I will be making… Read More »

US Agencies Top List of Law Enforcement Requests Sent to Crypto Exchanges

As the crypto industry grows, its increased use by both innocent cryptocurrency investors and malicious cyber criminals does as well. This has prompted government agencies and financial market regulators to take a deeper look at crypto transactions in order to track down potential criminal behavior in hopes of finding evidence that will lead to successful prosecution.

Back Pay? No Way: U.S. Federal Contractors Losing $200 Million in Daily Revenue Due to Government Shutdown

U.S. President Donald Trump. Image from Shutterstock U.S. federal government contractors could be losing up to $200 million in delayed or foregone revenue each day the shutdown drags on. In some cases, some contractors have completed work but their invoices can’t be processed as the responsible government agencies, departments or offices are closed. This is now beginning to… Read More »

Rosenberg: No Fundamentals to US Stock Market Recovery, May Not Last

According to a major Canadian investment firm Gluskin Sheff’s chief economist David Rosenberg, the recovery of the U.S. stock market was a technical bounce and was not triggered by fundamental factors. The statement of Rosenberg mirrors the stance of Morgan Stanley analyst Mike Wilson who previously said fundamentals are still missing from the U.S. stock market. What Stock… Read More »

US Bitcoin Investors Lost $1.7 Billion in 2018, 61% Unaware They Can Claim a Tax Deduction

Lost money on bitcoin investments? Claim a tax deduction. Image from Shutterstock. According to a report from Credit Karma, US bitcoin investors who decided to exit the bitcoin market lost $1.7 Billion. Unrealized losses, belonging to those who didn’t sell, account for $5.7 billion. Credit Karma GM Jagjit Chawla believes many Americans don’t know they can qualify for… Read More »

France’s Largest Bank BNP Paribas Loses $80 Million Due to Trader’s Pre-Vacation Snafu

BNP Paribas. Image from Shutterstock. According to multiple sources, BNP SA, known by many as the largest bank in France, reportedly made a loss of $80 million in derivative trades connected to the United States. The sources confirmed that Antoine Lours, the Head of U.S index trading at BNP, is yet to return to his position at the… Read More »

Delta Airlines Expects to Lose $25 Million in Revenues Due to US Government Shutdown

The third-largest airline in the United States by domestic market share, Delta Air Lines, has disclosed that the ongoing partial government shutdown will cost it millions of dollars in lost revenue. In an interview on CNBC, Delta’s chief executive Ed Bastian said that the government shutdown will see the airline lose revenue amounting to $25 million in January.… Read More »

No US Recession for at Least 5 Years: OppenheimerFunds Investment Boss

There’s no fear of an economic recession within the next five years, so everyone anxious about bearish projections should calm down. That’s the advice of Krishna Memani, the chief investment officer at OppenheimerFunds. Memani says the US economy is slowing down a bit, but it will still increase north of 2%. Moreover, Memani says that fears of a US… Read More »