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Tron Price Analysis: TRX/USD Steady above 1 Cent, Bulls Have a Chance

Latest Tron NewsTron is an interesting project. As a smart contracting platform, its objective is crystal: Build one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world. Their unwavering dedication to deliver on this mandate can’t be doubted. So far, their track records have all the characteristics of ambition as they build the framework contributing to infrastructure of… Read More »

Tron Price Analysis: TRX/USD Bear Breakout Pattern, Liquidation at 1.5 Cents

Latest Tron NewsThe Tron network describes itself as a protocol that is laying down the infrastructure for a truly decentralized internet. Like other smart contracting and dApp development platforms, it relies on blockchain. What’s more, the team behind this network is keen on expanding and on-boarding as many developers as possible.Read: Tom Lee: Crypto Is Bent Not Broken,… Read More »

Altcoin Price Analysis: There is a $250 million Gap for a Tron–Monero Flip

The Bitcoin—altcoin couple is the reason why altcoins resurgence depends on Bitcoin price ticks. At the moment it is a Bitcoin winter and altcoins are struggling. TRX/USD and EOS/USD prices are trending below key support levels despite Ledger Nano S providing support for EOS dApps.Let’s have a look at these charts:EOS/USD Price AnalysisDespite the biting market conditions, you… Read More »

Tron Price Analysis: TRX/USD Bulls Likely to Drive Prices Back to 2 Cents

There is a clear divergence between fundamentals—Tron Accelerator program, transactions spike and on-chain development and TRX/USD prices.  Regardless, dropping prices shouldn’t be defining metrics because fundamentals often lead prices. As such, we expect TRX to rebound back to early this week’s valuation more so if today end up bullish.Latest Tron NewsA project is only as good as the… Read More »

Altcoins Price Analysis: XLM/USD Stable While IOT/USD and TRX/USD Tumble

Despite attempts of higher highs, sellers are technically in charge. Today, we expect some resuscitation gifting LTC/USD, TRX/USD, IOT/USD and EOS/USD bears another opportunity to sell even if fundamentals are favorable. While others sink, XLM/USD is relatively stable and up one spot to fifth replacing EOS in the top 5.Let’s have a look at these charts:EOS Price AnalysisA… Read More »

TRX/USD Price Analysis: Tron (TRX) Need CoinBase More than Ever

Latest Tron News Recent events confirm that Bitcoin is king and it has a magnifying effect on altcoin prices. A simple 12 percent dip on BTC was enough to double losses in TRX causing prices to dip below important support levels. Now unless otherwise, Tron need CoinBase more than ever. The California based cryptocurrency exchange is gradually shifting… Read More »

Tron Price Analysis: TRX/USD Break Out Trade, Path Towards Jan 24 Lows

Latest Tron NewsThat the Japanese are open to cryptocurrencies and similar blockchain technologies but concurrently stringent protecting investors is true. So tight are applicable laws that investors who lose their digital assets are guaranteed of a recourse. We have seen that happen with the ongoing Mt Gox Civil Rehabilitation Case. Because it is mandatory for exchanges to register… Read More »

XLM/USD, ADA/USD Gains Setting Pace for Inevitable Altcoin Price Recovery

Even with ball park +75 percent losses from 2017 highs, the altcoin market is ripe for a reversal as XLM/USD and ADA/USD reject lower lows. Meanwhile, EOS/USD and LTC/USD are near important support levels and today could determine short term price trajectory.Let’s have a look at these charts:EOS/USD Price AnalysisBack to back losses mean none of our trade… Read More »

Tron Price Analysis: TRX/USD Register Losses Despite Launch of a New Smart Contracting System

Latest Tron News Blockchain projects are open source and with Bitcoin setting the pace, they should technically be faceless. In fact, at one point, Justin said the unique properties of Bitcoin is what made him to venture into cryptocurrencies launching Tron last year. While this is welcomed, Tron and others as Ethereum and EOS with Vitalik and Dan… Read More »

Altcoins Price Analysis: Every Dip a Buying Opportunity in XLM/USD and ADA/USD

After solid gains, altcoins are slowing down but not bearish. From the chart we can see that ADA/USD and XLM/USD pairs are trending higher within a bullish break out pattern. At the same time, LTC/USD is down while EOS/USD is flat despite release of EOSIO 1.4.0.Lets’ have a look at these charts:EOS Price AnalysisEOSIO 1.4.3 Releasehttps://t.co/BfKJssq0W4— Block.one (@block_one_)… Read More »