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Stablecoins are Beginning to See Traction Outside of Crypto Exchanges

Advertisement According to statistics published in Diar, stablecoins have seen more than 1000% increased transaction activity on-chain since September. This is not to speak to the massive volume at which they are traded internally on crypto exchanges, which numbers in the several billions per day. The statistics are a change from previous times when the majority of Tether… Read More »

Tether Dominance Of Stablecoin Market Falls To 74%

As 2018 began, with only two competitors, Tether commanded 94 percent of the stablecoin market. With the year seeing the emergence of 8 new players in the space, that dominance has fallen to 74 percent. Flood Waters It seems that the cryptocurrency du jour is the US Dollar, or at least the stablecoins pegged to it. This year has… Read More »

Bitfinex Expands Stablecoin Listings to Provide ‘Agnostic Platform’

Stablecoins have been a point of contention in recent months especially for Bitfinex and its Tether auditing fiasco. In order to alleviate some of the concerns the crypto exchange has announced that it will list a further four stablecoins.More Stablecoins in The Crypto CauldronBitfinex still holds the reigns on Tether and that maybe what is holding it back.… Read More »

Stablecoin Wars: Bitfinex Adopts ‘Neutral’ Stance & Lists Major Tether Compeitors

Advertisement Users of crypto exchange Bitfinex and its associated token-trading platform Ethfinex now have a total of six stablecoin options for trading on either platform. Bitfinex Opens Platform to Tether Competitors As Bitfinex writes, for years the only major option in stablecoins was Tether (USDT), and for quite a while Bitfinex was the only way to cash in… Read More »

Binance Updates Stablecoin Listings to Create Combined Market

In an effort to create a combined stablecoin market crypto exchange Binance has updated its USDT markets.The world’s top exchange by trade volume, Binance, has been tweaking its stablecoin markets recently. According to an announcement yesterday it has renamed all USDT markets to USDⓈ.It went on to state;“Binance has renamed the USDT Market (USDT) to now be a… Read More »

Stablecoin Wars: Coinbase Token Attracts Capital But PAX Dominates Trading

Advertisement Twitter Facebook It’s now been nearly two months since Winklevoss-led cryptocurrency exchange Gemini fired the first shot in the stablecoin wars through the launch of its USD-pegged crypto token, the eponymous Gemini Dollar. That same day, Paxos — like Gemini an NYDFS-regulated firm — made a similar announcement, and before long, crypto unicorns Circle and Coinbase revealed… Read More »

Tether’s Market Cap Has Dropped by More than $1 Billion in October

Advertisement Twitter Facebook Tether (USDT), the embattled cryptocurrency token whose value is purportedly backed by US dollars, continues to see massive outflows as it struggles to maintain USD parity amid rising competition from other stablecoins launched by some of the crypto industry’s biggest names. Blockchain data from Omni Explorer shows that yesterday, on Oct. 30, Tether Limited redeemed… Read More »

Huobi’s US Exchange Sees 30% Boost in Trading for Tether Alternative

A U.S. cryptocurrency exchange is reporting dramatic increases in trading of tether (USDT), the controversial stablecoin that lost its dollar peg this week, and one of the new alternatives. At HBUS, the U.S. affiliate of the Singapore-based Huobi exchange, both deposits and withdrawals of USDT “have increased by over 10x over the last two days,” a company spokesperson told CoinDesk. And… Read More »

As Tether Loses USD Peg, OKEx Will List ‘Regulated’ Cryptocurrency Stablecoins

Advertisement If tether (USDT) is truly backed by and redeemable for physical U.S. dollars stored in company-controlled bank accounts, the so-called cryptocurrency “stablecoin” should manage to weather this period of uncharacteristic volatility until arbitrage restores its USD peg. If not, we could be witnessing the unraveling of the token that sees more daily trading volume than any other… Read More »