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Kobe Bryant to Speak at Tron’s (TRX) NiTRON Summit Scheduled for January 2019

In a twitter announcement earlier today, the Tron Foundation let the crypto community know that NBA Legend Kobe Bryant will be attending Tron’s (TRX) first International Conference (NiTRON Summit) as a Special Guest speaker. Kobe Bryant will share his life experience, insights and vision on entrepreneurship at the summit to inspire young leaders and entrepreneurs. The NiTRON Summit… Read More »

TRON (TRX) Launching Million Dollar Program to Accelerate Cryptocurrency Projects

Cryptocurrency, TRON (TRX)–Despite the doom and gloom surrounding the falling crypto market, as prices for Bitcoin and most of the altcoin market reach their relative low for 2018, one currency has managed to find ways to ignite some excitement in the industry of cryptocurrency and blockchain. TRON, the eleventh largest coin by market capitalization, recently announced the launch… Read More »

Justin Sun: Tronscan DEX is Going Crazy, Tron (TRX) is Hungry for Projects and Tokens

It has been less than a week since the Tron community discovered the Decentralized Exchange present on Tronscan.org. The TRXcommunity is one of the keenest and active in the crypto-verse. This also explains why the trading activity on the Decentralized Exchange was noted by Justin Sun as ‘going crazy’. The CEO of the project also urged the crypto… Read More »

Tron’s (TRX) Decentralized Exchange is Now Live on TronScan

Back in late September, Marcus Zhao, of Tron’s Public Chain Division, informed the TRON (TRX) community and the crypto-verse, on the progress of the project and what the future held. In the update, Marcus mentioned that after the activation of the Tron Virtual Machine, the team at the Foundation would follow through on activating a decentralized exchange. Tron… Read More »

TRON (TRX) Partners with NeoWorld, Creators of a 3D Virtual World on the Blockchain

Only hours ago, Justin Sun informed the Crypto Community that Tron (TRX) had partnered with NeoWorld. The tweet making the announcement went on to explain how the partnership would work out in the 3D Virtual Reality world created by NewWorld. The full tweet can be found below. #TRON has established a partnership with NeoWorld. The cooperation between both… Read More »

Vitalik Rejects Rumors of Him Leaving the Ethereum (ETH) Project

The MIT Technology Review had a chance of interviewing Vitalik Buterin at the recently concluded Ethereum (ETH) Developer Conference that was hosted in Prague, Czech Republic. In the interview, Vitalik explained why the network can only be truly decentralized after it stopped depending on him. Buterin at 24, has been the unofficial ‘CEO’ of the Ethereum project since… Read More »

TRON (TRX) To Decentralize Further By Removing the Power of the Genesis Representative

During Tron’s (TRX) Independence Day on the 25th of June, there was a group of special Representatives that were tasked in launching the Genesis block. This group was know as the Tron Independent Group (TIG) and was a community consensus-based group consisting of 27 anonymous, volunteer Genesis Representatives (GR). The duties of the TIG during the transition into… Read More »

Latest Tron (TRX) News: Token Burn, New Listing and a $10k Donation By Justin Sun

As we wind down the year in the first days of November, the Tron (TRX) Foundation can be lauded for their continual communication with regards to the project’s developments. We have seen how efficient their communication team has been since the ICO was launched last year, till the activation of the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) a few days… Read More »