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Is Elon Musk Losing it? Laying Off 3,000 American Workers to Build a Gigafactory in China, & Tesla’s Enormous $1 Billion Debt

Is Elon Musk Losing It? Image from Shutterstock. By CCN.com: Trying to make heads or tails of Tesla’s financial footing continues to be a task. The good news for Elon Musk keeps getting trumped by worrisome, if not flat out bad news. This month is proving to be a trying one for Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk.… Read More »

Dow Jones Rallies 130 Points After a Boost from US-China Optimism

This morning, Dow Jones Industrial Average Futures Trading predicted a gain of over 130 points for the index at market opening . The US stock markets have been buoyed by news that trade tariffs could be eased or even rolled back. Futures trading as of 8.20am ET, for the Dow Jones, showed 148-point gains implying the 130 point opening… Read More »

Tesla’s Share Price Hikes as the Electric Vehicle Market and Automotive Stocks Rise

Tesla stock is seeing near 4% gains so far on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as the US stock markets recover from two days in the red. Automotive companies are feeling the pinch of economic tightening and lowering demand for conventional, fuel-hungry, vehicles. The big car makers are ramping up their electric car developments, and Tesla is… Read More »

Tesla Faces Squeeze as Volkswagen Invests $800 Million in US Electric Car Plant

Tesla is under pressure now that Volkswagen, General Motors, and Ford ratcheted up their electric-car game. With these automobile juggernauts fighting for domination, competition in the electric vehicle field has never been fiercer. On Jan. 14, German automaker Volkswagen announced plans to invest $800 million to expand an electric vehicle (EV) plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The manufacturing facility will… Read More »