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Ethereum (ETH) Network Hits Key Milestone Amid Crypto Bear Market

Ethereum Eclipses 50M Addresses According to data compiled by The Block from Etherscan.io, the number of unique Ethereum addresses (not wallets) has recently surpassed a key, round number milestone at 50 million — a monumental accomplishment for any network. Interestingly, even amid 2018’s dismal unpredictable bear market, the growth of this figure hasn’t slowed (much), as depicted in the… Read More »

Bitcoin Development Not Controlled by Anyone Says Crypto Veteran

No one controls the focal point for Bitcoin development, said Jameson Lopp in his latest blogpost.The Bitcoin veteran, who has been a crucial part of crypto developments since the beginning, opened recently about how developers run the world’s biggest decentralized financial network without fragiling it. He also attempted to answer individuals and groups that criticize bitcoin core, a… Read More »

Opera Adds Cryptocurrency Wallet To Its Android Browser

December 15, 2018 12:33 AM The browser could help cryptocurrency adoption, starting with Ethereum. The Norwegian-developed Opera browser has been competing with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer since the 1990s, and in more recent years the likes of Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, and the new Brave browser. Since 2017 it’s had more users than Internet Explorer. Announced this week at the Hard… Read More »

Crypto and Blockchain Smartphones Will be The Next Big Thing

This week the crypto-sphere has been awash with talk about Samsung and its next generation flagship phone coming loaded with crypto goodies. While the company itself has dismissed the story according to reports, rivals are shipping out products that will no doubt keep Samsung on its toes.Samsung Rumors AplentyThe hype was instigated by a Samsung community website which… Read More »

XRP Architect, Ripple’s Schwartz Harrowed Over Crypto Adoption

XRP Architect David Schwartz: Crypto Adoption Shouldn’t Get Ahead Of The Tech In an interview with the Internet History Podcast, David Schwartz, a key player behind XRP and Ripple’s (the company) chief technology officer, painted a mildly harrowing picture for the adoption of cryptocurrencies. As cited by Forbes‘ Billy Bambrough, the supposed multi-millionaire, who is lauded as the… Read More »

Ripple Exec: Crypto Technology Needs Improvement Before Adoption

This year’s bear market has seen most of the top cryptocurrencies hemorrhage over 80% as they plummet from those lofty heights made almost a year ago. Some have fared better than others and Ripple’s XRP token has been one of them. Crypto technology, however, is still in need of vast improvement, at least according to the chief technology… Read More »

Cheap Power Is Luring Battered Bitcoin Miners to Iran

While some bitcoin miners are estimated to have shut down hundreds of thousands of machines – if not more – others are still out there looking for alternative ways to keep operating. And it’s Iran, with its extremely low-cost electricity (that can go as low as $0.006 per kilowatt-hour) that’s luring overseas miners. But as attractive as it appears,… Read More »

UNICEF’s Innovation Fund Reveals First Round Of Blockchain Technology Investments

December 12, 2018 12:59 AM The six initial companies will begin their 12-month development period in January 2019, and as the projects develop, the Innovation Fund hopes to bring in more investments and establish a larger blockchain community. After sending out a “blockchain call” in January 2018 looking to invest in early-stage technology startups that had the potential… Read More »

Innovation Continues Despite Crypto Crush, 0x Launches Web and dApp Payment Platform

As cryptocurrency prices continue to tumble, some blockchain projects may disappear into the digital dust while others forge on with product development that will lead to ease of use and greater adoption.0x Instant – Crypto Transfers SimplifiedStandardization of payment platforms and cross compatibility between them is one issue that needs to be addressed before cryptocurrencies get anywhere near… Read More »