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Ripple Price Analysis: xRapid Needs to Control a Mere 5% of Global Payments for XRP to Rise 500%

Latest Ripple News The cross-border payment market is projected to hit $2 trillion by 2020 according to a recent report by McKinsey.  Citing robust growth especially in the Asia-Pacific corridor, the report goes on to say the global payments will swell and even exceed $5 trillion in the next five years. This means at spot prices, Ripple through… Read More »

SWIFT and Ripple Are Not Partnering. They Are Actively Competing Against Each Other

Many users in the crypto community, especially those who are part of the XRP Army, have debated a lot over the last few months about a possible partnership between Ripple and SWIFT. Given the long history of consistent achievements revealed by Ripple in social networks, press releases and events, many consider it a “natural” step in the evolution… Read More »

Ripple Blockchain Team to Face Tough Competition, SWIFT Payment Launches Trials for “Payment Validation System”

Ripple Blockchain teams effort to overtake the decades-old SWIFT payment network has earned mainstream media attention. Its underlying products and digital token XRP has become a priority for various worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications and digital money transfer services. SWIFT Payment replies to competition by blockchain companies The international payment SWIFT is no doubt feeling pressure from the competition… Read More »

Bitcoin is Set to Become the World’s Reserve Currency, Max Keiser Says

Despite the bearish run of 2018, Max Keiser is a fervent believer that Bitcoin will grow not only in price but also in adoption and thinks that 2019 can be a favorable year for the cryptocurrency market as alternatives for transmission and storage of value compared to the traditional options offered by banks and financial institutions. Technical analysis… Read More »

The New World Reserve Currency Will Invariably Be Bitcoin, Says Max Keiser

In his first New Year show, Max Keiser looks at what an increasingly de-globalized, de-dollarized world could mean for Bitcoin. Swift Decline For The Dollar One catalyst for the erosion of the US Dollar hegemony is likely to be the development of alternatives to SWIFT. The global financial interbank communication network is becoming increasingly politicized and weaponized. US interests essentially run… Read More »

Swift CEO To Step Down After 7 Years at The Helm

Swift CEO, Gottfried Leibbrandt, notified the organization’s 25-member board that he wished to step down from his position by June next year. His departure in 2019 will mark a 7 year tenure as the Chief Executive Officer of the global financial services provider. Mr. Leibbrandt joined the organization back in July 2012. The CEO went on to summarize… Read More »

SWIFT Is Trialing a New Payment System to Take on Fintechs and Blockchain Tech

Advertisement The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) has announced its decision to launch a pilot Global Payment Initiative (GPI) service which aims to compete with the growing threat of competing blockchain and fintech solutions provided by institutions like Ripple, JP Morgan and Transferwise. Still in its initial stages, the ambitious pilot aims to “build the foundation… Read More »

SWIFT India Partners With MonetaGo for Blockchain Banking Pilot

Advertisement Twitter Facebook LinkedIn SWIFT India has announced a collaboration with financial technology provider MonetaGo to launch a distributed ledger pilot program that will aid the operation of Indian banks. Using infrastructure provided by MonetaGo and SWIFT’s standardised financial messages, the proposed blockchain platform will enable banks in the country to improve the security and efficiency of their financial… Read More »

SWIFT Partners With MonetaGO to Bring Blockchain to Indian Banking System

SWIFT has announced a pilot program in partnership with MonetaGo to explore distributed ledger technology in its financial messaging service. The company’s Indian subsidiary will experiment the technology with local customers banks which will use a shared distributed ledger network designed to improve the efficiency and security of their products and procedures as well as to meet industry-level governance and… Read More »

TransferWise: We Won’t Use Blockchain until More Banks Use Ripple

Advertisement Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Major money transfer service TransferWise has indicated that in spite of excitement over the growth of Ripple’s global payment solution, it has not seen a compelling case for using blockchain technology to carry out its business — yet. Speaking to Fortune recently, TransferWise chairman and co-founder Taavet Hinrikus stated that while there exists a lot of excitement… Read More »