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Ron Paul Survey: Half Would Choose Bitcoin For 10 Year Investment

Most people would choose to invest in Bitcoin over gold, fiat currency, and bonds, according to a survey by Ron Paul which continues on Twitter November 16. Bitcoin Is Best Future-proof Investment The former US lawmaker and presidential candidate, well known for his advocacy of the cryptocurrency, has so far yielded responses from over 58,000 people. Almost half of… Read More »

A Quarter of Rich Millennials Say They Own Cryptocurrency, Another Third ‘Interested’

A new study has revealed that more than a quarter of “affluent” millennials either have or are using cryptocurrency. Now The Largest Generation in the US Communications and marketing firm Edelman has released its Millennials With Money report, which found that 25 percent either have cryptocurrency and/or are using it. What’s more, another 31 percent say they’re “interested in… Read More »

According to Survey, Crypto Investors Lean Towards Innovation and Novel Thinking

A recent survey of over 1,000 Americans hoped to glean more about attitudes toward crypto. According to Clovr, the vast majority of virtual currency investors are young, male, and relatively wealthy. Clovr, a company focused on fostering mainstream adoption of blockchain, recently carried out a survey of 1,004 Americans through the Amazon Mechanical Turk Platform that focused on… Read More »

Mobile Payment Market May Hit $4,574 Billion by 2023

The value of the mobile payment market was USD $601 billion in 2016, and it will reach $4,574 billion by 2023. These are the conclusions of an Allied Market Research survey. Incidentally, major companies in this market have enabled — or are planning to enable —Bitcoin payment features in their apps. Survey: The Short-Message-Service Segment Will Continue To… Read More »

Less Than 10 Percent of Chinese Middle Class Invests in Crypto, Study Shows

Less than 10 percent of the Chinese middle class are investing in cryptocurrencies after the government ban, according to a recent study cited by Technode Thursday, September 26. The report called “2018 White Paper on the New Middle Class” was prepared by Chinese financial writer and Professor of Shanghai Zhejiang University Wu Xiaobo. In the study, Wu deciphered… Read More »

Two-Thirds of Cryptocurrency Investors Want to be Paid in Bitcoin

Advertisement A new survey by HR startup company ChronoBank has found that crypto investors are disappointed in the lack of employers willing to pay salaries in bitcoin and altcoins. Price Instability Doesn’t Phase Crypto Wage Earners The survey of 445 crypto enthusiasts found that while 66% of respondents are willing to receive wages in cryptocurrencies, only 30% believe… Read More »