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Altcoins Daily Preview: Jan 10 Losses Weighing Heavily on Stellar Lumens (XLM) and Cardano (ADA)

Latest Cardano News Wyoming may be dry, cold and with cheap power but that’s where Cardano will call home. Their shifting from Japan and establishing bases here comes at a time when the state better known for their allowing businesses to pay 16 types of taxes with crypto—via BitPay and their openness—the state has more LLCs than any… Read More »

Grayscale’s Newest Crypto Investment Trust Will Hold Stellar Lumens

Grayscale Investments, the digital asset management firm operating under the Digital Currency Group umbrella, is adding support for Stellar lumens with a new investment product. The company announced Thursday that it was launching the Stellar Lumens Trust, a “single-asset investment product” which exposes investors to lumens (XLM), the native asset of the Stellar network. Grayscale already offers single-asset… Read More »

Bitcoin Giant Grayscale Bolster Institutional Offerings, Launches Stellar Lumens Trust

While Bitcoin (BTC) and a majority of cryptocurrencies, save for Augur’s REP, have remained in a mundane price lull to start 2019, this industry’s upstarts have forged ahead. Grayscale Investments, a self-proclaimed “global leader in digital asset management,” recently launched an investment vehicle centered around Stellar Lumens (XLM) in a seeming bid to spark Wall Street interest.Related Reading: Bitcoin… Read More »

Altcoins Daily Preview: Stellar Lumens (XLM) to Rise 260% by Dec 2019–Fintech Leaders

Latest Stellar Lumens News By design, the crypto market is inherently volatile. That’s to say asset prices can swing by large margins in matter of minutes, hours or days. We saw what happened in Sep last year when XRP prices soared 400 percent a few days before xRapid and the super hyped SWELL conference. Therefore, although their outlook… Read More »

Altcoins Daily Preview: EOS and Stellar Lumens Bear Breakout Confirmations

Latest Stellar Lumens News For a project to hold on to a position in the top 10, then it means the founders have a workable vision and there is progress as the platform offers solutions. Demand must be there and although some as Stellar Lumens have been labelled as “failed currencies”, their native coin—XLM is resistant to lower… Read More »

Altcoins Daily Preview: Litecoin (LTC) Top Performer, adds 23.7 Percent

Latest Litecoin News An Estonian digital exchange is making headlines for good reasons. The company–though based outside the US, allow foreign investors to trade stock derivatives of Facebook, Tesla and eight other NASDAQ listed companies 24 hours a day, seven days a week even when the markets are closed. And what’s more, they don’t need permission from US… Read More »

Altcoins Daily Preview: BCH Rally Slowed by BTC.Top Capabilities, XLM Ceiling at 15 Cents

Latest Bitcoin Cash News At spot prices, BCH is shaky and yet to recover after getting halved in mid-November. Its drastic fall in value was contagious and because of that wholesale sell-off, BTC and other altcoins prices dropped to new lows. But even in the mid of this disillusionment and double-digit losses, the team is firmly on course… Read More »

Altcoin Daily Preview: Stellar Lumens—IBM Partnership Indispensable as IOTA Reveal Alpha and Omega, Path to Decentralization

Latest Stellar Lumens News Thing is, if implemented properly, Blockchain will disrupt businesses, governance systems and even value exchanges. Aside from supply chain management, blockchain is definitely shaping for the banking industry. It’s because of this that Stellar and Ripple—two firms are merging the possibilities of blockchain based solutions in existing financial architecture with the aim of providing… Read More »

Altcoin Daily Preview: Tron (TRX) Could Bounce back, CoinBase Prospects Bullish for Stellar Lumens

TRX/USD (Tron) Latest Tron News Straight from the announcement of the Tron Accelerator, the launch of Tron Developer Suite and the apparent meltdown of crypto prices, Justin Sun, the co-founder of the platform is now urging developers to migrate from EOS and Ethereum platforms. Read: Tron (TRX) Announces Accelerator Plan For DApp Creation With $1 Million in Prizes… Read More »