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Lightning Network Without Invoices Brings Us Closer to Streaming Money

A new feature for Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (LN) implementation allows users to send funds instantly without needing to first create an invoice. Sphinx Enables ‘New Use Cases’ The latest upgrade, ‘Sphinx,’ which developers describe as being a “work in progress,” is nonetheless already available to anyone. “The coolest part about this new feature is that it can be… Read More »

Analyst: 2019 Will be the Year of 2nd Layer Ethereum Scaling

According to an Ethereum (ETH) network and community analyst, this year’s major trend for the decentralised smart contract platform will be layer two scaling technologies. Proposed upgrades to the network include Plasma and the Raiden Network, amongst others.It seems that the Ethereum Foundation are aware of the pressing need to scale the network using second layer techniques too. To aid… Read More »

BTC Wallets Take One Small Step For Lightning, One Giant Leap for Bitcoin

New user-friendly Bitcoin Lightning wallets such as Bluewallet are ushering in the future of payments. Users can now send and receive Bitcoin Lightning payments right to/from your mobile device, the ramifications of which could be revolutionary for the future of online payments.  Bitcoin Lightning Wallets Are Setting the Bar Following the first review of Bluewallet by Bitcoinist less… Read More »

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is Quietly Scaling for the Next Bull-Run

Bitcoin passed more significant milestones this week as data reveals its Lightning Network (LN) implementation passed 500 BTC ($2,066,000) capacity for the first time. Lightning Network Sees Parabolic Rise Statistics from monitoring resource 1ML.com confirmed the record capacity for payments at press time, with the number of accessible nodes also rocketing 13.7 percent and channels close to 25… Read More »

Crypto Is Far From Dead, as These Scaling Projects Show

Michael J. Casey is the chairman of CoinDesk’s advisory board and a senior advisor for blockchain research at MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative. The following article originally appeared in CoinDesk Weekly, a custom-curated newsletter delivered every Sunday exclusively to our subscribers. ——- After a gloomy look at the state of cryptoland two weeks ago, it’s time for more of a… Read More »

Bitcoin Lightning Network Explodes To New Heights With $2M Capacity

A sudden influx of nodes on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (LN) has seen capacity increase to new all-time highs as the scaling solution is now handling over $2 million in BTC. Lightning’s Transformative Month Data from monitoring resource 1ML.com reveals the past week have seen overall capacity shoot up almost 300 percent to 438 BTC. An analysis of top… Read More »

Lightning Network Passes 4000 Nodes, Reaches All-Time Capacity High

Bitcoin’s nascent mainnet implementation of the Lightning Network (LN) has reached a new milestone, passing 4,000 nodes for the first time. Lightning Handles $750K Data from monitoring resource 1ML confirms the latest growth of Bitcoin’s second layer designed for fast er and cheaper payments, Lightning Network, which at press time November 13 had a total of 4,026 nodes,… Read More »

Ethereum’s (ETH) Constantinople Upgrade Could Happen as Early as January 16th

Fans and investors of Ethereum (ETH) have something to look forward to as we head into the Holiday season. This is due to the fact that during an Ethereum core developer meeting held this past Friday, a new timeline was proposed to implement the Constantinople upgrade. In the minutes of the meeting currently available on GitHub, two dates were… Read More »

What Caused the Sudden Drop in SegWit Blocks on Bitcoin?

Advertisement Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Blockchain detectives and Lightning Proponents may have noticed a severe drop in SegWit blocks near the end of last month. SegWit-spending transactions had reached a high of nearly 50% of all transactions, according to this tracker, but around about October 20th the rate began to drop off, hitting a low of nearly 40%. Users… Read More »

As ‘Plasma’ Stalls, SNARKs Become New Hope for Scaling Ethereum Now

Efforts to scale ethereum, the world’s second-largest blockchain, are growing more varied as one much-anticipated solution encounters pitfalls amid its continued development. At the forefront of this transition has been plasma, a concept widely heralded as ethereum’s best bet for short-term scaling. Already, researchers behind the tech have built five distinct versions of the protocol – but within these… Read More »