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Banks in India: Don’t Touch Bitcoin Or Your Accounts Will Be Closed

Reports on social media indicate that banks in India are threatening customers that deal in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with the closure of their accounts. This move is the latest salvo from the banking industry in a country where cryptos seem all but banned. Upping the Ante On Friday (Jan. 11, 2019), Morgan Creek founder and partner, Anthony… Read More »

ZebPay Leaves India for Malta After Regulations Crippled Its Business

Zebpay, once India’s biggest Bitcoin payment processor, has announced its move to Malta after its business was ‘crippled’ due to unfavorable laws and regulations. Lack of Banking Support ‘Crippled’ Our Business According to Quartz India, the Singapore-based Zebpay has set up operations in Malta. The platform was once one of the most prominent in India, processing half of… Read More »

50 Indian Traders Share Thoughts on Investing, RBI Ban, Future of Crypto in India

Fifty traders who use Indian crypto exchange Instashift have shared their thoughts on the current crypto environment in India. Most of them said that they “hodl” and would continue to invest in crypto despite regulatory uncertainty. Most Respondents Are Hodlers A survey was conducted in the first week of October by Indian cryptocurrency exchange Instashift exclusively for news.Bitcoin.com.… Read More »

RBI Ban Causes India’s ZebPay to Halt Exchange Services

Zebpay is one of India’s top cryptocurrency exchanges and many had expected it to weather the storm that is the currently standing RBI Ban. This ban prevents banks from offering services to any of its customers engaged in crypto trading activities. In the twitter announcement to halt trading services, Zebpay informed that it will do so at 4pm… Read More »

India: Clear-Cut Cryptocurrency Law Still Months Away, Says Gov’t Panel

Don’t expect any final cryptocurrency regulations in India at least until the end of the year, according to members of the government panel set up to examine the emerging virtual currency ecosystem in the country. The Conundrum That is Cryptocurrency India isn’t the first country that has struggled with adequately defining what cryptocurrencies are, in terms of being… Read More »

Here is Why The Rejected Winklevoss Bitcoin (BTC) ETF is Different from The One Filed By the CBOE

The news of the rejection of the the Winklevoss Bitcoin (BTC) ETF by the SEC shook the crypto-markets immediately. This was due to the fact that many traders were confused as to whether this was the highly anticipated ETF that would send the prices of Bitcoin to the roof. It has since emerged that the Winklevoss Bitcoin (BTC) ETF… Read More »

India’s Supreme Court to Issue Final Ruling on RBI Cryptocurrency Ban in September

The Indian Supreme Court has adjourned its hearing of the petition against the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) ban on banks facilitating cryptocurrency transactions. The apex court will deliver its final judgment on the matter on September 11, 2018. Hearing Adjourned till September 11 Indian cryptocurrency traders still have a fair bit of waiting to do before knowing… Read More »

Indian Crypto Exchanges Forge Ahead With Solutions to RBI Ban

Indian cryptocurrency exchanges are forging ahead with their solutions to the crypto banking ban imposed by the country’s central bank. A growing number of exchanges have stopped fiat support as they ramp up peer-to-peer and crypto-to-crypto trading. RBI Ban in Effect The crypto banking ban by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) went into effect at the end of last… Read More »

XRP (XRP) To Further Increase Liquidity Through 3 More Listings

The remittance coin of XRP is further increasing its liquidity through listings in 3 new exchanges. These new listings hope to kick start a second half of 2018 for XRP in the best possible manner. The first exchange to announce that it will be listing XRP on its platform is DX.Exchange. In a tweet, the fully EU regulated… Read More »

Indian Exchange Zebpay Boosts Trading Support for 19 Cryptos Ahead of RBI Ban

Leading Indian cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay has added new cryptocurrencies to its crypto-to-crypto trading platform. The exchange now supports 19 cryptocurrencies and over 35 trading pairs, as it prepares for the banking ban by the country’s central bank to go into effect next week. 19 Cryptocurrencies, 35+ Trading Pairs One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in India, Zebpay, announced… Read More »