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Morgan Stanley: Stock Market Vulnerable, Sentiment ‘Extremely Bearish’

Earlier this week, Morgan Stanley strategist Mike Wilson said on CNBC Fast Money that the stock market is still vulnerable to a short-term drop. Although the stock market has shown extreme levels of bearish sentiment and an intense sell-off throughout December 2018 that may be a signal for the establishment of a bottom, Wilson said that fundamentals are still… Read More »

Crypto Is Tightening Up Its Anti-Money Laundering Game, While Banks Are Still Being Fined for Non-Compliance

In 2018, barely a month passed without an official at a financial institution or government department calling on crypto to clean up its act. In the last quarter of the year alone, the United States Department of the Treasury, the Canadian Parliament and the Russian Federal Financial Monitoring Service all urged or announced the introduction of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws for cryptocurrencies, and… Read More »

Another Plus One For Crypto: Morgan Stanley Fined For Failing to Detect Money Laundering

Major banks are often spewing anti-crypto rhetoric over its potential to be used for money laundering. So it is a little ironic when one of the world’s largest banks gets fined for not doing enough to prevent or detect it.$10 Million Fine For Morgan StanleyAn article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday reported that Morgan Stanley had been… Read More »

Why Goldman Sachs Suddenly Starting Bitcoin Business is Unrealistic: SolidX

CEO of SolidX Partners Daniel H. Gallancy According to Daniel H. Gallancy, the CEO of SolidX Partners, it was unrealistic to anticipate Goldman Sachs to run a Bitcoin business before the year’s end. Speaking to Bloomberg, Gallancy, who has been working with a major investment firm in VanEck to introduce a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in U.S. markets,… Read More »

Bloomberg: Wall Street Giants Postpone Entering Crypto Industry Amid Falling Prices

Wall Street giants are postponing their plans to more actively enter the crypto industry as the value of cryptocurrencies has fallen, Bloomberg reports Sunday, Dec. 23. The article begins: “Limbo — that’s where to find Wall Street when it comes to cryptocurrencies,” and then focuses on the efforts in the crypto sphere this year made by banking giant… Read More »

Wall Street Crypto Dreams Hit A Roadblock as Cryptos Stay Far Away from All- Time Highs

Wall Street Money is like a holy grail for crypto markets and everyone on the street is waiting for its arrival on the crypto-street. While the wait continues and markets still far away from its all-time highs, it looks like a lot of Wall Street Firms that had announced their crypto plans are either differing or shelving it.… Read More »

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley Join CLS’s FX Settlement System Powered by IBM

With the hype of blockchain, the first global Forex market (FX) enterprise based on blockchain went live today. CLS Group or Continuous Linked Settlement is US financial enterprise that offers settlement services across FX market participants.  In July, CLS tied up with IBM for Proof of Concept via CLT platform to precede service on a shared network. FX Market… Read More »