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Tighten that Belt!!

Over the last four years, the European Central Bank has managed to inject  €2.6 trillion into the banking system in order to maintain economic stability.  To be clear, these cash injections have been one of the only things propping up the economy, and even the Governor of the ECB has now admitted that. Now, €2.6 trillion may not sound like a lot of… Read More »

The Future of Crypto

When the crypto bull market was still in session, the next big thing for Wall Street was set to be Ethereum futures. Now it seems they’re back on the menu.  Futures contracts were originally invented so that farmers and merchants could hedge costs before engaging in a specific venture. For example, imagine you want to drill oil and… Read More »

Les Minimum Wage

Master of the house, President Macron has heard the people singing a song of angry men. Though it’s possible he has a heart full of love, many French citizens still see him as living in a castle on a cloud.  If you’ve never heard the play Les Miserables, or if you’d like to listen to it again, here’s a good… Read More »

Expert Opinion: Crypto Tale of Two Countries – India and China

Note: “This analysis is an adaptation from the work of Mati Greenspan, Senior Market Analyst at eToro Key Highlights: India and China still have a hide and seek a relationship with cryptos Recent political and regulatory developments in India show a ray of hope China toughens stand on cryptos as it imposes a ban on Security Token Offerings (STO)… Read More »

Expert Opinion: Bitcoin and Ethereum Oversold Beyond Fundamentals While Dash Finds Use Case At KFC In Venezuela

Note: “This analysis is an adaptation from the work of Mati Greenspan, Senior Market Analyst at eToro. Key highlights: Bitcoin and Ethereum seems to be in oversold territory Fundamentals show a much stronger story the price Dash finds a new use case in KFC Venezuela Bitcoin and Ethereum oversold beyond fundamentals YOU MAY ALSO READ The market has witnessed… Read More »

Crypto Exchange Bithumb May Have [Temporarily] Propped up Bitcoin Price: Analysts

Advertisement The bitcoin price touched a fresh yearly low this morning, leaving traders and investors scrambling for answers as the crypto market searches for a bottom. While there are numerous pressures that have weighed on bitcoin as it has taken step after step away from last year’s all-time high, research from CryptoCompare suggests that South Korean cryptocurrency exchange… Read More »

Digital Natural Selection

Just as the recent slide in crypto and tech stocks has put pressure on investors, it is also testing the business models of tech businesses across the board.  When the system is flush with cash it’s much easier for entrepreneurs and investors to test ideas, but when the money starts tightening up, market prices fall, and business models start… Read More »

Prominent Analyst: Crypto “Very Close” To Finding Bitcoin (BTC) Bottom

Crypto Analyst: Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork, Regulatory Qualms Have Been Bearish Catalysts  Naeem Alsam, a crypto-friendly contributor to Forbes and the Chief Market Analyst at ThinkMarkets, recently sat down with CoinTelegraph in the outlet’s “Time To Buy Bitcoin [BTC]?” exclusive to discuss his opinions on the market, and where BTC could potentially bottom. [embedded content] Alsam, echoing analysis… Read More »

Analyst Predicts Bitcoin will Bottom Out after Plunging 85% Since ATH

Bitcoin will bottom out after totaling a plunge of 85% since its all-time high, says Anthony Pompliano.The Morgan Creek Digital Partner told CNBC during a grilling interview that it is normal for Bitcoin to undergo bear cycles every once a while. He acknowledged the digital currency’s relevance as a secure transaction settlement layer, adding that such use cases… Read More »

Crypto Market Sees Green, Will this Reversal Last?

After days of deep red, the crypto market is seeing green today. Majority of the cryptocurrencies are recovering their losses but will this reversal last? Moreover, investor, trader, and venture capitalist, CryptoSqueeze believes next year is going to be an altcoin season. Bigger Picture: Just a Retracement Crypto market is registering greens with Bitcoin rising 3.13 percent to… Read More »