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Bitcoin Price Dangerously Close to ‘GTFO’ Level: Analyst Mark Dow

For most of 2019, bitcoin and the wider cryptocurrency market rode a bullish wave, as a reduction in short-selling allowed prices to creep higher. However, on Thursday the bitcoin price crashed below the $4,000 mark, and now one prominent trader warns that it is dangerously close to approaching a level where even bulls need to “GTFO.” Mark Dow… Read More »

Bitcoin ‘Too Scammy, Volatile’ for Mainstream Adoption: Analyst Mark Dow

The trader who closed his short position after bitcoin fell 80 percent last year doubts whether the flagship cryptocurrency will ever attain a broader adoption. Bitcoin-Short Trader Bearish on Future of Crypto Adoption Mark Dow, a former International Monetary Fund (IMF) economist, said in a tweet that the world’s leading digital currency “lacks a credible use case” to withstand… Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bears Raise the Stakes

 While the short Bitcoin price rally was powerful and sweet, the overall picture for cryptocurrencies remains bearish and barring the occasional oversold bounce or two, crypto looks set to resume its bearish trend. Bitcoin Price: Market Overview Crypto provided a nice relief rally leading up to Christmas Eve before traders decided to take profits and focus on eating,… Read More »

If Bitcoin (BTC) Falls Under $3,200, HODLers Should GTFO: Bearish Trader

Former Bitcoin Short Seller Paints Bearish Picture Recently, Mark Dow, a preeminent hedge fund manager and skilled chartist, took to Twitter on Tuesday to make an unexpected declaration. In a tweet seemingly poking fun at crypto’s zealous bulls, Dow wrote that he would be saying goodbye to his Bitcoin (BTC) short, which he purportedly opened during the asset’s peak in late-2017.… Read More »

Trader: Crypto Investors Need to ‘GTFO’ if Bitcoin Price Falls Below This Level

Mark Dow, a trader who shorted Bitcoin (BTC) from its all-time high at $19,500 to $3,500, said that the dominant cryptocurrency could be in trouble if it does not escape the $5,000 to $6,000 range in the short-term. Dow, who made headlines earlier this month for exiting his short position on Bitcoin, said that the asset has to… Read More »

The Big Short: Former IMF Economist Finally Closes Year-Old Bitcoin Short

Advertisement Mark Dow A year ago today, Bitcoin peaked at $19,511. Former International Monetary Fund economist and Pharo Senior Risk Trader Mark Dow made an unpopular bet not long thereafter: Bitcoin would not sustain its growth and the price would slip from there. He entered a short position and rode his intuition all the way to the bank,… Read More »