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Former Olympic Wrestler Ben Askren Promotes Litecoin (LTC) Ahead of UFC 235

Cryptocurrency, Litecoin (LTC)–As the crypto markets struggle to retain the price gains which characterized the start of 2019, Litecoin has seen a small boost in popularity thanks to the efforts of a MMA promotion and its fighters. While most investors could think of more apparent avenues for crypto advertisement, it appears the Litecoin Foundation has found a home… Read More »

Pablo Escobar’s Brother is Launching a Cryptocurrency to Impeach President Trump

Roberto Escobar is the brother to the famous Pablo Escobar who has been made popular in our times through the first installment of the Narcos series on Netflix. Roberto had set up a GoFundMe page for a crowdfunding campaign that was meant to impeach President Trump. However, this page was pulled by GoFundMe with some reports indicating that… Read More »

Latest Litecoin News: 71.5% of the Total LTC Has Now Been Mined

Today, the blockchain project of Litecoin reached a new milestone as there are now 60 Million LTC minted as per information provided by Litecoin.com on Medium and LitecoinBlockHalf. The Litecoin algorithm has set the limit of LTC to be produced at 84 Million. The new benchmark of 60 Million signifies that approximately 71.5% of all LTC meant to… Read More »

Litecoin (LTC) Creator, Charlie Lee: If A Crypto Cannot be 51% Attacked, it is Not Decentralized

Right after news broke that the Ethereum Classic (ETC) cryptocurrency had been the victim of a 51% attack, one twitter user by the name of Crypto Tesla noted that a cryptocurrency has to be open for such attacks if it were to remain decentralized. His tweet was in response to one by Coinbase announcing that they had detected… Read More »

OKEx Expands Its Perpetual Swap Trading With 8 Contracts that Include BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP and More

Exactly one month after OKEx launched its Perpetual Swap Contracts derivative product, the exchange has announced that it will be enhancing the service by adding the 7 new contracts that include: Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV (BSV), EOS, Ethereum Classic (ETC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and XRP. Together with Bitcoin (BTC), users of the platform now have 8 different… Read More »

Lite.IM Adds Bitcoin (BTC) Support to Facebook Messenger, Telegram and SMS

Back in early August this year, the team at Lite.IM had taken crypto adoption to a whole new level when they announced that Litecoin (LTC) was available via Telegram and Text Messages. The move by Lite.IM was aimed at expanding cryptocurrency access to a wider global population. Of particular interest is that the progress by the team was… Read More »

Major South Korean Business School to Offer a Crypto and Blockchain Focused MBA

The Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies announced on Friday, that it will now start offering a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program focused on the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. According to Bitcoin.com, the Seoul based graduate school – also known as aSSIST – described the new program as a master’s degree program in blockchain, cryptoeconomics… Read More »

Facebook is Developing a Stablecoin to Power Remittances on Whatsapp

News reaching Ethereum World News indicate that facebook is developing a stablecoin to let users transfer money on its WhatsApp messaging App (Whatsapp was acquired by facebook back in 2014). The team at facebook will first focus on the market in India with this new concept and service. Sources privy with the matter told Bloomberg.com that using a… Read More »

Russia’s Lawmakers Consider a Bill Proposing a $9,000 Annual Individual Limit For ICO Investing

A draft law being considered by Russian lawmakers is meant to regulate the cryptocurrency crowdfunding industry (ICOs). It proposes to set a maximum annual limit of $9,000 for ordinary citizens wishing to participate in any crypto and blockchain related crowdfunding efforts. This bill is one of three pieces of legislation aimed at regulating the cryptocurrency industry in Russia. The… Read More »

Crypto Markets Gain $20 Billion in 48 Hrs as Bitcoin (BTC) Tests $3,800

48 hours ago and on the 17th of December, Crypto traders were certain that Bitcoin would drop a few hundred points in value as was the norm every Monday for the past few months due to the the current crypto bear market. This past Monday, BTC was trading at $3,200 and many believed that the King of Crypto… Read More »