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Expect ‘Large increase’ in Cryptocurrency Taxes Filed for 2018, Says Bittax CEO

Bitcoinist spoke with Gidi Bar Zakay, CEO and founder of Bittax at the recently held Israel Bitcoin Summit in Tel-Aviv about cryptocurrency tax obligations for users and how the regulatory landscape is taking shape around the globe.  Bitcoinist: Why did you decide to launch Bittax? Are Bitcoin taxes too cumbersome to calculate for the average person?  Gidi Bar Zakay:… Read More »

‘I Made BitPay Obsolete,’ Says BTCPay Dev, Nicolas Dorier

Bitcoinist caught up with Nicolas Dorier, a developer of open-source and self-hosted Bitcoin payment processor alternative, BTCPay. ‘Nothing is Unsolvable in the Long Run’ Bitcoinist: In August 2017, you posted one of the most epic tweets aimed at BitPay calling out their lies and vowing to make the company obsolete. Can you reflect on this? How far have… Read More »

Bits of Gold CEO: B2B Demand Increased Despite Falling BTC Price [Interview]

Bitcoinist caught up with Youval Rouach, co-founder and CEO of Bitcoin of Gold, an Israeli Bitcoin cryptocurrency trading platform. Rouach explains the regulatory situation in Israel for cryptocurrencies and his company’s plans moving forward.  Bitcoinist: When did Bits of Gold launch? Why did you decide to start this business? Youval Rouach: Bits of Gold was founded by my brother… Read More »

Bitcoin ‘Tremendously Successful as a Store of Value,’ Says David Chaum [Interview]

Legendary cryptographer and digital money pioneer David Chaum explains to Bitcoinist why his newest project, Elixxir, is focusing on scalable privacy-focused digital cash and why Bitcoin is unlikely to provide similar privacy despite being “tremendously successful as a store of value.” Bitcoinist: As a pioneer in anonymous communications and digital money, do you think privacy improved or worsened over… Read More »

The AZTEC Protocol: A Zero-Knowledge Privacy System On Ethereum

ETHNews talked to AZTEC CTO Zac Williamson and CEO Tom Pocock about how the zero-knowledge protocol could bring confidentiality to blockchain transactions while benefiting from the public nature of Ethereum. Introducing privacy to blockchain networks has taken many forms, from Zcash’s zk-SNARKs to StarkWare Technologies’ transparency-focused variant, zk-STARKs. These examples, though different, share an important characteristic: They both… Read More »

Circle CEO: In 3 Years Bitcoin is “Certainly Going to be Worth a Great Deal More Than It Is Today”

Despite the sharp drop in the price of Bitcoin (BTC) and the rest of cryptocurrencies, there are still good reasons to be long on Bitcoin. That’s what Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle said in an interview for CNBC’s Squawk Box. Jeremy Allaire For Mr. Allaire, the fact that there is a growing number of users is a sign… Read More »

Roger Ver Interview: ‘Of Course’ I Hold More BCH Than BTC

Bitcoinist spoke with Bitcoin Cash advocate and owner of Bitcoin.com, Roger Ver, about the BCH ‘hash war,’ his controversial website branding of Bitcoin (BTC) as ‘Bitcoin Core,’ and why he believes Bitcoin developers are “economically illiterate.” Bitcoinist: Bitcoin Cash just went thru a ‘hash war’ with Craig Wright/Ayre splitting off to a new chain called Bitcoin Cash SV.… Read More »

Max Keiser Interview: Buy Bitcoin, ‘Leave Alts to Dickheads Like Jamie Dimon’

Max Keiser once again shared his thoughts with Bitcoinist on the latest happenings in France, how Russia may use Bitcoin for its strategic reserves, and why Bitcoin is king while altcoins should be “left to dickheads like Jamie Dimon.”  Bitcoinist: What’ have you been up to lately? Anything interesting in the works from Max Keiser? Max Keiser: What’s… Read More »

Bitcoin BTC at 100k: The “Dark” Prediction by Max Keiser

Max Keiser, one of the most followed and controversial analysts and influencer of the crypto ecosystem, was recently interviewed by Bitcoinist. In the interview, he presented his vision about the future of cryptocurrencies and the reasons why he is optimistic and calm hodling in spite of the strong bearish trend of 2018. Max Keiser: Another Long-Time Bullish According to… Read More »