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Why NEO Co-Founder Erik Zhang Says Ethereum Will Overtake Bitcoin

NEO appears to be losing ground in the popularity contest, at least lately. In the glory days of 2017, the “Chinese Ethereum” was a top 10 cryptocurrency with unstoppable potential. NEO was touted as being faster, better, and capable of handling way more transactions than other major networks. The hype surrounding the project was palpable. Since its heyday… Read More »

Interview: Crypto Exchange CEO on Bringing Bitcoin Adoption to India

Prashanth Swaminathan, CEO of XDAT and Advisor to Eleven01 CCN had a conversation with Prashanth Swaminathan, the founding CEO of XDAT, a new Malta-based crypto exchange with eyes toward India and other markets. A native of India, he is an adviser to the Eleven01 project, which is an attempt at developing a regulated native blockchain in the country.… Read More »

Security and Reliability are the Hallmarks of a Robust Blockchain Storage System, Says Lambda Co-founder Lucy Wang

Many agree that blockchain technology has the potential to cause paradigm-shifts in many aspects of the global business process. Decentralized technology is already making inroads into the cloud storage landscape by leveraging the benefits of blockchain security and reliability, ensuring the fidelity of stored data, as well as, user privacy. Recently, Ethereum World News (EWN) caught up with Lucy… Read More »

2019 Will See Entry of More Institutional Players in Crypto, Says Asia Fintech PwC Leader

Henri Arslanian, the Asia fintech and crypto leader of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Hong Kong, has predicted that many institutional players will enter the crypto industry in 2019. Arslanian made this claim during an interview with Bloomberg published on Dec. 24. When asked about his outlook on crypto for the next year, Arslanian said that he thinks “there’s a lot… Read More »

Exclusive Interview: What’s Really Happening at SIRIN Labs?

Nimrod May CCN spoke with Nimrod May to find out if SIRIN will continue making phones or focus on developing an OS. May also gave a side-by-side comparison of the SIRIN FINNEY and the HTC Exodus 1. SIRIN Labs launched its blockchain smartphone, the FINNEY, just a few weeks ago. In the middle of a cryptocurrency market crisis,… Read More »

Atlas Quantum CEO Says Access and Transparency Will Change All People’s Lives

Rodrigo Marques is the CEO and founder of Atlas Quantum, Latin America’s largest cryptocurrency investment platform. In fact, it’s Latin America’s largest cryptocurrency company, period. And he’s on a mission to make it a top five global one by 2020. I caught up with Rodrigo at Web Summit in Lisbon to find out more about his company, his… Read More »

‘Cryptocurrency is Freedom!’ — Exclusive Interview with Ambazonian Secessionists

CCN recently covered a story about AmbaCoin, an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency created by secessionist leaders in the Ambazonian region of southern Cameroon. As a follow-up, we sat down with Chris Anu, the separatist movement’s Secretary of State for Communications and IT, to discuss AmbaCoin and the prospects of cryptocurrency as a means of enabling freedom and resistance movements around… Read More »

OKEx Execs Talk Expansion, Perpetual Swap, and the Controversial Early Settlement

Advertisement OKEx is currently the largest exchange by trading volume. It’s also the only exchange to offer derivatives trading as well as spot. This month, they held their NextGen conference in the swanky Ball Room of the Grand Hyatt hotel in Seoul, South Korea. With a smattering of international media and local press as well, CEO Mr. Jay Hao… Read More »