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Tesla Faces Squeeze as Volkswagen Invests $800 Million in US Electric Car Plant

Tesla is under pressure now that Volkswagen, General Motors, and Ford ratcheted up their electric-car game. With these automobile juggernauts fighting for domination, competition in the electric vehicle field has never been fiercer. On Jan. 14, German automaker Volkswagen announced plans to invest $800 million to expand an electric vehicle (EV) plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The manufacturing facility will… Read More »

GM’s New Patent Application Showcases Blockchain as a Solution for Autonomous Vehicles

It has often been said that Hollywood usually precedes reality when it comes to predicting the future. We have seen countless movies predict the landings on Mars and space travel; we have been warned on the dangers of artificial intelligence in the Terminator series of movies; and we have also seen autonomous vehicles in famous blockbusters such as… Read More »