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Bitcoin Investor: “HODL Meme” Is Making Crypto Prices Sticky

The Crypto HODL “Meme” Is Complicating Markets Chris Burniske, a partner at Placeholder Ventures, an investment group focused on decentralizing wealth, data, and power, recently took to his well-followed Twitter page to convey his thoughts on the cryptocurrency market, specifically through the lens of the Bitcoin “HODL” meme. As you are likely aware, since “HODL” made an appearance on… Read More »

Gold-Like Bitcoin (BTC) May Eventually Surpass ATH, Says Crypto Entrepreneur

Bitcoin Shaping Up To Be Digital Gold Alistair Milne, the chief investment officer at Digital Currency Fund, recently commented on why he’s “still bullish” on Bitcoin (BTC) in a Twitter thread. Investors are now very aware that Bitcoin is like trading Gold with 100x leverage and, next year, Bitcoin’s inflation/production rate will actually be *lower* than Gold’sNo-one appears to… Read More »

Litecoin (LTC) Market Cap Marches Further Away from Tron TRX

Despite its popularity and success in the industry, Tron TRX is finding difficulty to overcome the silver-digital coin Litecoin (LTC) who has cemented its position among the leading cryptocurrencies. Counting over 5.00% increase in the last 24-hours following the last market price jump, Litecoin has reached the $1.96 bln and witnessing the green wave of gains, it looks… Read More »

CBOE CEO: Crypto Space Need Bitcoin ETNs To Boom

Lack Of Bitcoin ETNs Curbing Adoption, Says CBOE Chief In a recent media luncheon, Edward Tilly, the chief executive at the financial powerhouse that is the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the largest American options exchange, made a surprising mention of Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market. Speaking to reporters, including those from Business Insider, Tilly, who formerly worked… Read More »

Purchase Bitcoin (BTC) in Supermarkets: Not just an Idea Anymore

Coinme, the first to receive the status of a licensed U.S. based BTC ATM operator, is partnering up with Coinstar to offer Bitcoin purchasing throughout Coinstar’s many kiosks with the redeemable vouchers you get by exchanging nickles and pennies. “This is great to see! #MainstreamAdoption – one pocket of spare change at a time!” cBc ♦️🔸 Buying #Bitcoin… Read More »

Ripple’s RippleNet XRP Showcases Real-World Effectiveness: Mercury FX

After partnering up with the firm behind the second largest coin XRP [XRP] Ripple as one of the +200 costumers, Mercury FX announced via their official twitter handle that they transacted their largest payment across RippleNet with a positive conclusion. 1/1 We’ve made our largest payments across RippleNet using #XRP – 86,633.00 pesos (£3,521.67) from the U.K. to… Read More »

Cardano (ADA) Reaching next Milestone in the First Quarter of 2019

Following the Byron Phase, the 11th largest digital coin by market per announcement will enter the Shelley phase in Q1 2019. The fundamentals set by Byron when it comes to interaction, Shelley will be commenced with the target to lure more developers towards the platform with more features and stability. With Shelley the network is seen as completely… Read More »

Bitcoin (BTC) Safe Haven for Countries with Economical Troubles: Nick Szabo

Being of censorship resistant nature, the cryptocoin could turn as the road of safety for many countries that are currently facing various financial issues and crises or set on negative-status for international trade, believes Nick Szabo – known and respected cryptographer. Mr. Szabo added his thoughts on the current financial industry situation and how cryptocurrencies could fit in at the Uni… Read More »

Stock Market Plunges With Apple at its Front: Bitcoin&Crypto Reflecting Wider Influence

Within the start of 2019, the trade war between China-US spread a shiver among stock traders as the market deep-dived heavily in the red on Thursday. The leading company – Apple took a quick but steep path from $157.00 to $142.00 counting almost 10.0% losses. “If you look at our results, our shortfall is over 100% from iPhone,… Read More »

Tron (TRX) Hits Next Landmark Achievement: Justin Sun Confirms

Reaching new milestones has become a daily routine for the project which gave birth to the 10th largest cryptocoin by market capitalization. Just two days before the New Year’s eve, the founder of TRON TRX celebrated together with his supportive crypto-community reaching the 100 million contract triggers. Congratulations on #TRON contract triggers surpassed 100 million. #TRX $TRX 🎉🎉🎉… Read More »