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Stellar Lumens (XLM) the Only not Backing Down Against XRP

Stellar XLM and Ripple’s XRP, the competitive Duo, for the time being are by no doubt included in the group of coins which various enthusiasts and traders see as most promising and highly potential for future causes. When it comes to price performance, it has become tradition the last couple of months that the first to initiate a… Read More »

Coinbase Custody Announces Support for Ripple’s XRP

ADVERTISEMENT As declared a month earlier [Oct 15th] by Coinbase Custody, it has officially added RippleLabs’ speedy coin XRP support for the custodian services. Also, the USDC stablecoin will hit next the guarding branch of the crypto-leading firm – according to a Medium blog post. With the target towards institutional investors-custodian services, the project condition before a user or group/firm… Read More »

VeChain (VET) Product Tracking Pilot Project Launched by H&M

ADVERTISEMENT VeChain is being tested by H&M fashion empire for Arket – their clothing brand which is trying out the blockchain based technology to track the respective products. Before anything official was announced or declared by the in-house brand, on the social network Twitter and aggregator Reddit rumors initiated their doing. Afterwards the team from the subsidiary of H&M… Read More »

Basic Attention Token (BAT) Story: Price Break Above

The Basic Attention Token, which transacts the token transfers in the via Ethereum’s blockchain, made its debut in the cryptocurrency industry with the target of resolving present marketing and advertising issues with which individuals have to deal with in the particular industry. Source: BAT’s Page Being in the market for a long time now and its latest spotlight-taking developments, the… Read More »

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Stellar Performance Leaving Leading Coins [XRP ETH BTC] in Dust

Following the Binance [cryptocurrency exchange] announcement of supporting the near upcoming Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork [HF], the blockchain’s token value against the US Dollar has seen no stop of increase. Hard fork taking place on Nov 15. Fellow Binancians, Binance would like to confirm support for the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork. We will take a snapshot… Read More »

The Future Stellar Lumens [XLM] $1.00 Prediction Turning Visible

In the case of businesses dedicated to facilitating payments between individuals, the choice of which blockchain to use and which fintech to hire is of vital importance for their growth. However, the relationship between crypto and fiat based fintechs has concluded with a growth in exposure of digital currencies. When it comes to banks and firms that attempt… Read More »

Ethereum 2.0, Pure Casper and Never Seen Before Scalability – Vitalik Buterin

Co-founder of the second largest coin – Vitalik Buterin, spoke about the most anticipated upgrade – Ethereum 2.0 project Serenity during the Ethereum developer conference Devcon 4 in Prague. According to Mr. Buterin, the project encircles various features that the team have been talking and working about for three-four years now. “…combination of a bunch of different features that… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Market Sentiment Returns Positive: 0x ZRX Highlight

In just two months, the digital currency market underwent heavy selling twice with coin values dropping speedy below major supportive levels. However, in a matter of days/weeks the recovery process commences strongly showcasing the industry’s stable growth and community’s support towards the technology. With prices still on lower standing points, for many traders it could mean a great… Read More »

Basic Attention Token (BAT) Takes Over: Bull-Run of Recovery

The attraction and crypto-verse interest around the 36th largest coin by market cap is rising steadily on a daily basis. Basic Attention Token or BAT is concluding the day [30 of Oct] on a very high note against the US Dollar despite the general market consolidation following Bitcoin’s speedy drop on the 29th of Oct. Basic Attention Token… Read More »

IOTA (MIOTA) Adoption Rate will Increase on a Scale Never Seen Before: Founder

Founder of IOTA Foundation – David Sonstebo, has pressed-on and highlighted out the previous IOTA Foundation advise of learning programming because according to him there are many corporations that need ‘you’. With IOTA’s demand increasing on developing a shared economy, Mr. Sonstebo noted how over 600 corporations are attracted by IOTA to reach their goals. Right now you… Read More »