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Crypto Market Wrap: $5 Billion Dumped to Bottom of Trading Range

Market WrapCrypto markets dump to bottom of trading range, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin suffering, TenX still climbing.Following almost a week of inactivity crypto markets have started to dump again. A break through support zones for several of the major crypto assets has resulted in total market capitalization plunging back below $120 billion again for the fourth time… Read More »

Crypto Market Wrap: Litecoin Leading The Way as Markets Make Minor Moves

Market WrapCrypto markets moving marginally this Sunday, Litecoin is leading, Binance Coin and NEO following up.Crypto markets have shifted gear a little this morning but major movements are still wanting. Following a week of complete inactivity markets are nudging closer to $125 billion in total capitalization but progress is still painfully slow in the land of the bears.As… Read More »

Crypto Market Wrap: TenX Surging on Reissued PAY Credit Cards

Market WrapCrypto markets are still flat this Saturday, Tron pulling back after recent gains, TenX surging.As we enter the weekend crypto markets remain inactive. If anything there has been a slight pullback for most crypto assets but total market cap is still hovering just above $120 billion.Over the past 24 hours Bitcoin has dropped to $3,640 before recovering… Read More »

Crypto Market Wrap: Binance Coin Buoyed By New Fiat Exchange

Market WrapCrypto markets haven’t done much over the past 24 hours, the top ten is flat, Cardano and Binance Coin gaining slightly.There has been very little movement in crypto markets over the past 24 hours. No further dumps have been initiated which has kept total market capitalization just above $120 billion for another day.Bitcoin has held above $3,600… Read More »

Crypto Market Wrap: Ethereum Hit by Hard Fork Hiccup

Market WrapCrypto markets fall back again marginally, Ethereum in pain on hard fork delays, Tron and Maker following.Yesterday’s minor recovery fizzled out as quickly as it began and crypto markets are retreating again. Total market capitalization is just above $120 billion and further drops are looking likely.Bitcoin has found a new short term resistance level at $3,700 and… Read More »

Crypto Market Wrap: Minor Recovery in $5 Billion Bounce

Market WrapCrypto markets recover yesterday’s losses but not much more, Ethereum, EOS, NEO and Maker putting on the most.A minor rebound has occurred over night which has pushed total market capitalization back over $120 billion. It is nothing to get excited about though as things are still way down on the week and the fifteen day old year.Bitcoin… Read More »

Crypto Market Wrap: Another $5 Billion Dumped as New 2019 Lows Are Hit

Market WrapCrypto markets dumped for the third time in three days, Ethereum, BCH and BSV hurting, Tron recovering.Following a weekend of very minimal activity on crypto markets a third wave has dumped another $5 billion from them late on Sunday. This latest purge, the third in as many days resulted in total market capitalization dropping below $117 billion… Read More »

Crypto Market Wrap: Minimal Movement on a Slow Sunday

Market WrapCrypto markets consolidating this Sunday, Stellar moving up, Tron falling back.There has been little movement in crypto markets this weekend and things remain pretty flat. No signs of any recovery from the big dump on Friday are forthcoming and total market capitalization is still around the $120 billion level.Bitcoin has retreated slightly from its intraday high of… Read More »

Crypto Market Wrap: Sideways on Saturday, Markets Flat Following Recent Rout

Market WrapCrypto markets take a breath after recent dump; Bitcoin Cash and SV recovering, Tron dumping recent gains.Crypto markets are still battered and bruised as we enter the weekend. There has been no sign of a recovery following the $16 billion rout over the past day or two. Total market cap is still a touch over $120 billion… Read More »