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Bloomberg Features Bitcoin, Ethereum Cold Storage Trading

Cryptocurrency–Despite coin prices getting off to a shaky start in 2019, with price volatility continuing from last year’s ongoing bear market, the narrative towards cryptocurrency is making a decidedly positive change towards functional improvement. On Wednesday, popular financial news outlet Bloomberg reported on the development of Genesis and BitGo, two companies which seek to rectify crypto’s “Billion-Dollar Theft… Read More »

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Spearheads Recovery, $250 Realistic

Latest Ethereum News At the height of late 2017-2018 ICO mania, blame was laid squarely on platforms as Google, Twitter and Facebook. The reason? Well, their global reach and lack of checks to filter out ads that promote crypto scams dominated. Lead by China and South Korea, the search engine giant and social media platforms as Facebook and… Read More »

ETH/BTC Analysis Jan 10: Ethereum Price Made Significant U-Turn Vs Bitcoin

Ethereum price spiked above the 0.0400BTC resistance and later declined sharply bitcoin. Both ETH/BTC and ETH/USD are currently under pressure and they may accelerate declines. Important Points: Ethereum price topped near the 0.0415BTC level and later declined sharply. ETH/BTC broke a major bullish trend line with support at 0.0410BTC on the 4-hours chart. ETH price is currently trading… Read More »

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH/USD Up 12.7 Percent, $250 Beckons

Latest Ethereum News After a period of “irrational exuberance” back in 2017 when supposed entrepreneurs were waxing lyrical, drafting artists to oil their white papers and even going overboard by launching a flashy website, the creation of a minimum viable product is what counts. It doesn’t matter the lip service and marketing agents. Read: Binance To Add 3… Read More »

ETH/BTC Analysis: Ethereum Price Rally Could Accelerate Vs Bitcoin

Ethereum price surged higher recently and broke the 0.0380BTC resistance against bitcoin plus moved back above $145.00 versus the US dollar. ETH/BTC is in a major uptrend and it could accelerate above 0.0400BTC. Important Points: Ethereum price is placed well above the 0.0364BTC support level, with a bullish angle. ETH/BTC is following a significant bullish trend line with… Read More »

Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA) and NEO Showcasing Resistance towards the Bears

With the speedy up and downs throughout the market, it has a reached a difficult state to predict what could take place or happen next. But, for the time being the one that is standing out heavily is Ethereum – the third largest by market capitalization. Ethereum ETH Without a doubt, the talk of the week is Ethereum… Read More »

Ethereum [ETH] Back on Recovery Track: TRON TRX Following

As the recovery road commenced, the third largest coin by market capitalization Ethereum [ETH] lead the pack with its speedy value increase against the US Dollar. After climbing back above the major $100.00, the pair ETH/USD reached a level of $140.00 with a market capitalization of $14.454 bln. Source: coinmarketcap – monthly ETH price movement against the US… Read More »

Ethereum (ETH) price analysis: could trade above 50-day EMA for first time since May

Ethereum bulls will be smiling today as the price threatens to scale the 50-day exponential moving average (50EMA) for the first time since rejection on 6 November. ETH last traded above the 50EMA on the 1-day chart in May. ADVERTISEMENT Bears still holding shorts are being forced to liquidate positions, thereby adding to momentum, as the classic bullish… Read More »

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH/USD Solid, adds $3.39 Billion in Three Days

Latest Ethereum News The crypto winter might be coming to an end and after 11 months of deep frost, it’s a scramble for honors. And it’s not about individual coins recouping their losses and realigning as they post massive gains in the last 24 hours, exchanges are doing their best to improve user experience. CoinBase, one of the… Read More »