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ETH/BTC Analysis: Ethereum Price Crash Looks Real Vs Bitcoin

Ethereum price jaw dropped below 0.0275BTC against bitcoin and below $110.00 versus the US dollar. ETH/BTC is following a massive downtrend and it could struggle to recover above 0.0275BTC. Important Points: Ethereum price declined recently and broke the 0.0300BTC and 0.0275BTC support levels. ETH/BTC is following a major declining channel with resistance near 0.0275BTC on the 4-hours chart.… Read More »

Ethereum Price Analysis (ETH/BTC): Ethereum Price Dips and Rips Vs Bitcoin

Ethereum price declined heavily to new lows below 0.0300 BTC and later recovered against bitcoin. ETH/BTC must move above 0.0324BTC to rebound further. Important Points: Ethereum price fell sharply below the 0.0320BTC and 0.0300BTC support levels. ETH/BTC declined below a major triangle support at 0.0322BTC on the 4-hours chart. ETH price traded below the 0.0300BTC support level and… Read More »

ETH/BTC Analysis: Ethereum Price Could Break Higher Vs Bitcoin

Ethereum price is currently consolidating above the 0.0308BTC support against bitcoin. ETH/BTC could climb higher once buyers push the price above 0.0324BTC. Important points Ethereum price is finding a decent support near the 0.0308BTC level. ETH/BTC is facing two important bearish trend lines with resistance at 0.0318BTC and 0.0324BTC on the 4-hours chart. ETH price must break the… Read More »

ETH/BTC Analysis: Ethereum Price Could Dive To 0.0295 Vs Bitcoin

Ethereum price declined below the 0.0342BTC support against bitcoin. ETH/BTC moved into a bearish zone and it could accelerate towards 0.0295BTC. Important points Ethereum is under a lot of pressure below the 0.0330BTC support level. ETH/BTC broke a crucial breakout pattern with support at 0.0341BTC on the 4-hours chart of ETH/BTC. ETH price is at a risk of… Read More »