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Singapore May Become First Country to Fully Embrace Cryptocurrencies

Singapore took a step closer towards cryptocurrencies as the national financial regulators discussed their openness towards the emerging industry during the Singapore Consensus.  Singapore “Does Not Regulate Technology Itself But [Its] Purpose” It seems that the Singaporean government has a well-thought-out plan for introducing cryptocurrencies into their economy, according to TechCrunch. The Singapore Consensus 2018 welcomed thousands of… Read More »

How Crypto-Collateralized Loans Restore Honest Lending (And Avoid Financial Crisis)

The fact that cryptocurrencies solve liquidity problems for multiple financial processes is now well known, but as the industry evolves and expands, could it save the world from another financial crisis? ‘We are in danger of sleepwalking into a future crisis’ In 2008, the catastrophic failure of a global banking system manipulating overly encouraging governmental regulation sparked a… Read More »

SEC Temporarily Suspends Bitcoin and Ether Exchange Traded Note (ETN) Trading

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has temporarily halted trading in exchange-traded notes (ETN) Bitcoin Tracker One (CXBTF) and Ether Tracker One (CETHF). Temporary Suspension With an official release issued September 9, the SEC announced the temporary suspension of exchange-traded notes dubbed Bitcoin Tracker One and Ether Tacker One. SEC Issues Order of Suspension of Trading in… Read More »

‘Uncanny’: Historic Gold & Bitcoin Price Charts Almost Identical

Many have compared Bitcoin to gold with some even referring to the former as “digital gold.” As it turns out, the historical performance of both assets reveals notable similarities. ‘Uncanny’ Resemblance Bitcoin, being a fairly nascent asset, reveals serious similarities to the yellow metal in its performance. As seen on the chart below, the resemblance is uncanny. The… Read More »

Tom Lee: Bitcoin to Hit $20k in 2018 Despite Struggle of Emerging Markets

Advertisement Fundstrat’s Tom Lee, a Bitcoin permabull known for his optimistic price targets for the dominant cryptocurrency, has said that Bitcoin will likely end the year explosively higher possibly at $20,000. In an interview with CNBC, Lee stated that over the past year, Bitcoin, which has failed to show a correlation with the broader financial market and traditional… Read More »

Venezuela Citizens See ‘No Sign’ of National Petro Cryptocurrency

Amidst a mounting economic crisis, Venezuela’s oil-backed cryptocurrency the Petro is nowhere to be found. Numerous reports indicate an almost non-existent usage within the country. ‘Hard to Spot Almost Anywhere’ According to a report from Reuters dated August 30th, the Venezuelan town of Atapirire has not yet reaped the fruits of Venezuela’s oil-backed cryptocurrency efforts. The situation mirrors the… Read More »

Bitcoin at $60K Matter of ‘When,’ Not ‘If’ — Says Bobby Lee

As China beefs up its cryptocurrency ban and US regulators reject more Bitcoin ETFs, famous faces are reaffirming their beliefs that Bitcoin prices could still hit up to $60,000 by 2020. ‘More Stability, Liquidity And Faster Adoption’ In the face of several regulatory setbacks for Bitcoin this week, BTCC co-founder Bobby Lee and Fundstrat Global Advisors’ Tom Lee… Read More »

Bitcoinist Partners With Cryptocurrency Lending Platform INLOCK

INLOCK, a lending platform for cryptocurrency holders, has partnered with Bitcoinist to help educate the public on the spendability problem and how crypto-collateralized loans can add stability to the global economy.    Liquidity Unlocked Lending is a vital function of any monetary system, cryptocurrencies included. By partnering with Bitcoinist, lending platform INLOCK is looking to get the word… Read More »

4 Founders Reveal Secrets Behind Wildly Successful ICOs

ICOs can be daunting to execute, so it’s best to learn from founders that have been there, done that.  [Note: This is a guest article submitted by Eugene Cheng] Launching an ICO is a Daunting Process We spoke to 4 founders that have run successful ICOs about what they deem to be important when launching ICOs, how to best… Read More »

Soaring ICO Failure Rate Sees Investors Flock to ‘Bigger Players’

ICO failure rates are increasing. However, there seems to be a trend of fewer projects receiving bigger sums. Due to regulatory pressure, ICO bans, and a bear market, investors seem to be taking a new strategy to funding blockchain projects. ICO Failure Rates Surge There is new evidence to suggest that one in two Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)… Read More »