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Distributed Digest: Thursday, January 17, 2019

BoxSwap joins 0x’s Ecosystem Acceleration Program, OpenRelay releases Pools, and Blockchain Cuties has an unofficial Fight Club. BoxSwap <> 0x The wallet-to-wallet exchange platform BoxSwap announced today that it has been selected for the 0x Ecosystem Acceleration Program. BoxSwap will receive “financial, technical and marketing support” to accelerate its growth and development within the 0x ecosystem. BoxSwap joins… Read More »

Surprise! Constantinople Delayed Due To Security Vulnerability

Turns out Constantinople will not be arriving tomorrow as expected. On Tuesday, auditing firm ChainSecurity discovered a bug in one of the five EIPs slated for the upcoming hard fork. Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1283, the proposal to adjust net gas metering for the SSTORE opcode, was found to have a security vulnerability that would allow reentrancy attacks.… Read More »

Distributed Digest: Thursday, January 10, 2019

Beam discovered and resolved an issue with its wallet, Black Girls Code has partnered with ConsenSys, and the Department of Decentralization has a new logo. Your daily distillation of crypto news for Thursday, January 10, 2019: “Critical Vulnerability” in Beam Wallet Less than a week after launching its mainnet, Beam discovered a “critical vulnerability” in its wallet app,… Read More »

Parity Nabs $5M Ethereum Foundation Grant To Finish eWASM, Light Wallet, And Sharding Work

The Ethereum Foundation has given out nearly $20 million in grants – much of it to scalability, usability, and security advances – since March 2017. The Ethereum Foundation announced today, January 7, it has given Parity Technologies a $5 million grant. Since the first Ethereum Foundation grants were bestowed exactly 10 months ago, the foundation has publicly announced… Read More »

ETH Core Devs: ProgPoW Tentatively A Go

Ethereum is going ahead with the ASIC-resistant proof-of-work algorithm. During today’s Ethereum core devs meeting, the team decided to tentatively move forward with implementing programmatic proof of work (ProgPoW), a proposed algorithm to close the ASIC mining rig efficiency gap. Core developer Hudson Jameson noted the devs will pursue the algorithm’s implementation unless a major problem is discovered… Read More »

EthHub Provides A New Way To Learn About Ethereum

The auditable repository, officially announced yesterday, is meant for greenhorns and experts alike. The Ethereum ecosystem has grown significantly since the blockchain’s debut in 2015. Protocols and projects abound in the world of Ethereum, whether they relate to decentralized exchanges and non-fungible token marketplaces or blockchain-based video games and governance mechanisms. With this meteoric growth, though, comes a… Read More »