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Stablecoins are Beginning to See Traction Outside of Crypto Exchanges

Advertisement According to statistics published in Diar, stablecoins have seen more than 1000% increased transaction activity on-chain since September. This is not to speak to the massive volume at which they are traded internally on crypto exchanges, which numbers in the several billions per day. The statistics are a change from previous times when the majority of Tether… Read More »

Binance’s Bitcoin (BTC) Trading Share Falters In Crypto Bear Market

Binance’s Bitcoin (BTC) Trading Dominance Dives Another week, another crypto-centric analytics report from Diar, a leading research unit in the nascent cryptocurrency ecosystem. In the startup’s most recent installment, released on Monday, Diar drew attention to the ever-changing role that Bitcoin (BTC) and that exchanges that support it have played in the cryptocurrency market at large. Interestingly, per data compiled… Read More »

Tether Dominance Of Stablecoin Market Falls To 74%

As 2018 began, with only two competitors, Tether commanded 94 percent of the stablecoin market. With the year seeing the emergence of 8 new players in the space, that dominance has fallen to 74 percent. Flood Waters It seems that the cryptocurrency du jour is the US Dollar, or at least the stablecoins pegged to it. This year has… Read More »

Report: Whales Accumulate Ethereum (ETH) En-Masse Amid Bear Market

Since Bitcoin (BTC) began to falter in recent weeks, with the asset free-falling below $6,000, investors have whipped out their magnifying glasses, doing their utmost to discern what catalyzed the sell-off. Although many pointed fingers at the contentious Bitcoin Cash debacle, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s renewed crackdown on tokens deemed digital securities, and the lack of… Read More »

Crypto Whales [Who Haven’t Sold] Nearly Doubled Their Ethereum Holdings This Year

Advertisement The 2018 bear market has been gut-wrenching for many investors, with the bitcoin price down 80 percent from its all-time high and most other assets suffering from declines of 90 percent or greater. Prices have fallen so far, and stayed down for so long, that many investors who bought cryptocurrency in early 2017 but remain profitable are… Read More »

ICOs Are Withdrawing Ethereum as Justin Sun Says ‘Migrate’ To TRON

Ethereum (ETH) may have lost almost 90 percent of its value in 2018, but this has not fazed projects that raised funds via ICOs, data shows. Aragon Withdraws Over 51,000 Ethereum In its latest edition focused on ICO balances, Diar reveals that ETH 00 withdrawals by developer teams trailed off as the year has progressed (with the exception… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Researchers Diar Expand Data Platform to Cover ETH and Stablecoins

One of the cryptocurrency industry’s leading research groups, Diar, has announced that it will be expanding its coverage of the digital asset space going forward.Amongst the additional areas focused upon in future editions will be the Ethereum ecosystem, along with the ever-expanding list of stablecoins such as Tether and the Gemini Dollar.Diar to Extend Its Coverage of the… Read More »

Bitcoin (BTC) Transaction Count On The Rise: Bullish, Not Bearish Indicator

On-Chain Bitcoin Transaction Count “Inches Upward” With another week, comes another insightful report from Diar, the crypto industry’s leading newsletter. In the publication’s most recent edition, which was released on Monday morning, Bitcoin (BTC), the so-called “king” of the crypto market, evidently remained a topic of focus. We’ve published our latest issue for your read:Grayscale Sees Record Inflows,… Read More »

Research: Coinbase Sees 80% Decline in Volume, Trader Count Since January 2018

2018’s Bear Market Hasn’t Been Kind To Coinbase Since Bitcoin’s infancy, when blocks weren’t full and altcoins were few and far in-between, the world-renowned Coinbase has been touted as a leading cryptocurrency platform. Chances are, the first time you entered the cryptosphere, you likely entered your personal information into one of Coinbase’s multitude of platforms and products, which… Read More »