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Bisq DEX Launches DAO on Testnet as Developers Seek to Decentralize Governance

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Bisq has upgraded its open source software. The revamped platform includes a new user interface in addition to marking the launch of the Bisq Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) on testnet. Bisq Launches Decentralized Autonomous Organization on Testnet The latest version of Bisq’s software, v0.9, has seen the decentralized exchange launch its DAO on testnet. The… Read More »

Tony Robbins Explains How Bitcoin Works to His 3 Million Followers

If you’ve recently wondered, “What the heck is bitcoin, and how does it work?” then you’re probably new around here. Life coach, Tony Robbins, just explained all to his 3+ million Twitter followers, and just in time for New Year. Tony’s Theme Tony’s Tweet links to a blog post on his website credited to ‘Team Tony’, which they… Read More »

What Is Bitcoin? Guide for the Most Popular Cryptocurrency

You’ve probably heard the word by now but you might still be wondering — what is Bitcoin? Well, there are no stupid questions here, so let’s start at the very beginning. What is Bitcoin? Who created it and what goes on under the hood?  What Is Bitcoin? A Distributed Peer-to-Peer Digital Currency Simply put, Bitcoin is a distributed… Read More »

Majority of Crypto Assets Are Highly Centralized, Research Finds

One of the central pillars of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general is that the system is decentralized, ensuring no single point of failure for adversaries to attack. However, new research has found the majority of assets in the ecosystem today to be highly centralized. Taxonomy Report Reveals a Concentration of Crypto Power Cryptocompare, the cryptocurrency market data aggregator, has… Read More »

Web Creator Tim Berners-Lee Ready to Drive Decentralization Forward

Berners-Lee gave us the web nearly 30 years ago, but it didn’t quite work out the way he expected. As blockchain proponents work to provide decentralization and remove the technology giant’s monopolies on our data, Berners-Lee also has a solution. Solid, and his new company to drive the success of Solid – Inrupt. It’s no secret that Berners-Lee… Read More »

Ethereum Co-founder: Cryptocurrency Next Logical Step in Evolution of Money

Consider that years ago the idea of paper money — let alone digital money — seemed abstract. In fact, when Marco Polo first came back from his travels in the East, his stories of people in China using paper representations of money (as opposed to metal) were discredited as sorcery.

John Mcafee: Decentralized Exchanges Will Trigger ‘Largest Economic Boom in History’

John McAfee, developer of the first contemporary antivirus software, is a cryptocurrency advocate. McAfee predicts that centralized exchanges will cease to exist within five years, giving way to trustless decentralized exchanges. Such a development will precipitate “the largest economic boom in human history.” McAfee: Centralized Exchanges Will Disappear in Five Years Crytpo-centralized exchanges are similar to stock market… Read More »

Crypto Exchange Bitfinex To Establish EOS-Based DEX

Bitfinex Launches EOSFinex  On Friday morning, Bitfinex, a leading crypto exchange that is based in Hong Kong, released an important message via its official Twitter account, letting its over 450,000 followers know that it would be launching a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform in the upcoming months. EOSfinex will facilitate a highly scalable network of peer-to-peer value exchange, unconstrained… Read More »

Crypto Wallet Vows to Make Transferring Funds as Simple as ‘Sending a Text’

The company behind “one of the world’s most secure mobile cryptocurrency wallets” says its platform offers banking-grade features to protect tokens, while ensuring that completing transactions is as simple as “sending a text.” SovereignWallet says one of its main motivations is promoting financial inclusion and enabling the unbanked to create accounts for crypto directly from their smartphones. Through… Read More »

Lisk (LSK) Reaches Most Important Mark to Date: Core 1.0

As reported previously on EWN on the Lisk Review Blog Post, the development team behind Lisk (LSK) were preparing for the MainNet migration on Aug 29: “Here at LiskHQ, we’re buckled down and working hard in preparation for the upcoming Lisk 1.0.0 migration on Mainnet on August 29. All of the components of the Lisk ecosystem — Lisk… Read More »