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XRP Architect, Ripple’s Schwartz Harrowed Over Crypto Adoption

XRP Architect David Schwartz: Crypto Adoption Shouldn’t Get Ahead Of The Tech In an interview with the Internet History Podcast, David Schwartz, a key player behind XRP and Ripple’s (the company) chief technology officer, painted a mildly harrowing picture for the adoption of cryptocurrencies. As cited by Forbes‘ Billy Bambrough, the supposed multi-millionaire, who is lauded as the… Read More »

Ripple Exec: Crypto Technology Needs Improvement Before Adoption

This year’s bear market has seen most of the top cryptocurrencies hemorrhage over 80% as they plummet from those lofty heights made almost a year ago. Some have fared better than others and Ripple’s XRP token has been one of them. Crypto technology, however, is still in need of vast improvement, at least according to the chief technology… Read More »

Binance CEO Hints at How XRP can Become a Base Currency on the Platform

Members of the XRP Community have proven to be resilient in getting their voices heard in terms of getting their favorite digital asset added as a base currency on the popular cryptocurrency trading platform of Binance. The reasons the community has cited as to why XRP should be the base on Binance are as follows. It is already… Read More »

Forbes: Meet David Schwartz, Ripple’s Trillion Dollar Man

David Schwartz is the current Chief Technology Officer at Ripple and he has been active in most of the social media platforms explaining his vision for a decentralized ledger as well as simplifying the remittance industry via Ripple products and XRP. He can be applauded for clearing the air with respect to how actually decentralized the XRP ledger… Read More »

Ripple CTO: XRP More Decentralized than Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)

Ever since taking the helm as Chief Technology Officer at Ripple, David Schwartz has continued to embody what it means to love blockchain technology and XRP. Mr. Schwartz can be found on twitter responding to queries about the Ripple technology as well as the future direction of the project. It is no wonder Cory Johnson (Chief Market Strategist… Read More »

Exec Who Denied Ripple Is ‘Distributed Ledger’ Says XRP ‘More Decentralized Than Bitcoin’

A new post from a senior Ripple executive has caused controversy just a day after it went live as cryptocurrency community commentators ridicule the company over claims its ledger is “decentralized.” Schwartz Claims ‘Inherent Decentalization’ The latest curious official correspondence to appear from Ripple, CTO David Schwartz claimed August 22 that the Ripple XRP token was “inherently decentralized.”… Read More »

Ripple CEO on xRapid Launch, Institution Solutions, Bakkt being a Big Deal & XRP is not a Security

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse in AMA discusses XRP being not a security at all and institutional money to soon enter aggressively as railroads are laid down. Talking about Bakkt being a big deal and a sign of maturing industry, he further elaborates on xRapid, Swell conference, and more. XRP is not at all a security Brad Garlinghouse, the… Read More »

‘Banks are in Fear of being Disrupted by New Technology,’ Says Ripple’s new CTO

The Ripple company recently promoted David Schwartz from being the company’s Chief Cryptographer to the firms Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Schwartz replaces Stefan Thomas who now currently runs Coil and the Codius smart contract platform. In a statement after his new appointment, David Schwartz mentioned that: Building a global network of financial institutions who are using blockchain-based solutions… Read More »