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Report: Growing Altcoin Market Has Hurt Bitcoin (BTC) Price

Bitcoin (BTC), Cryptocurrency–Despite the bear market of 2018, which saw cryptocurrency prices across the board fall more than 90 percent, there has been a general increase interest for altcoins relative to that of the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. While BTC still holds the top position in market capitalization by a wide margin ($51 billion over second-ranked ETH as of… Read More »

New York Backs Bitcoin (BTC), Opens Blockchain Center

Bitcoin (BTC), Blockchain, Cryptocurrency–Despite falling coin prices which characterized most of 2018, the city of New York has not shied away from its support for Bitcoin and the underlying technology for cryptocurrency. Even in the midst of a bear market, with Bitcoin slipping below $4,000 and falling 70 percent from it’s all time high in December 2017, investors… Read More »

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Developers Deny 51% Attack, Double Spend

Cryptocurrency, Ethereum Classic (ETC)–In a bizarre twist for the story developing around Ethereum Classic, developers for the ETC token are now making the claim that the blockchain has not experienced a 51 percent attack, in addition to denying the presence of a double spend. As reported earlier in the day by EWN, the Coinbase team released a revealing… Read More »

Crypto Exchange Gemini Pushing for Regulation in New Ad

Bitcoin (BTC), Cryptocurrency, Gemini–While cryptocurrency continues to find its footing in 2019, Winklevoss Twins’ backed exchange Gemini is tackling a direction for the industry. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal on Jan 4., Gemini has kicked off an advertisement campaign in order to push the envelope on regulations for the industry of cryptocurrency. Rather than… Read More »

Bitcoin (BTC) Creator Satoshi Nakamoto More Powerful Than Facebook CEO, Bakkt CEO, Elizabeth Warren

Satoshi Nakamoto — The Bitcoin (BTC) Enigma  Ten years ago, sequestered away from the outside world, Satoshi Nakamoto, the individual or group responsible for Bitcoin, mined the first block ever on the nascent network. And while the network’s origins were nothing spectacular — as rumor has it that the creator processed blocks with a mere desktop, which probably… Read More »

Equity Fund CEO Shuns Bitcoin (BTC) In Favor of ‘Biscuits’, Basic Goods

Bitcoin (BTC), Cryptocurrency–If you thought the FUD towards cryptocurrency would take its time to emerge in the new year, think again. The CEO of investment house Gateway Partners, Viswanathan Shankar reports that he shying away from Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investments in 2019 in favor of pursuing more traditional investment strategies, including basic goods and services. In a report… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Lenders Thriving in Bear Market

Cryptocurrency–While most of the investment base for cryptocurrency continues to reel from 2018’s bear cycle, which saw Bitcoin fall over 60 percent and the altcoin market drop further, crypto lenders and those betting on debt have still managed to come ahead. According to a recent report by Bloomberg, creditors targeting cryptocurrency lenders have found a booming market despite… Read More »

Did Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Kill Cryptocurrency’s Rally–Again?

Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Cryptocurrency–According to a report out of Bloomberg, investors were stockpiling BTC just ahead of the most recent market crash in November, a movement that could have been catalyzed by the actions of Bitcoin Cash and its contentious hard fork from Bitcoin SV. Citing data released by research firm Chainalysis, Bloomberg found that fans… Read More »

Iran Declares Telegram Crypto Aspirations an Act Against National Security

The Iranian government has taken further steps against Telegram’s cryptocurrency development, the Tehran Times reports Dec. 31. Secretary of the Criminal Content Definition Task Force Javad Javidnia has declared that any cooperation with the encrypted messaging app to launch its Gram token will be considered an act against national security and a disruption to the national economy. Javidnia… Read More »

If Bitcoin (BTC) Falls Under $3,200, HODLers Should GTFO: Bearish Trader

Former Bitcoin Short Seller Paints Bearish Picture Recently, Mark Dow, a preeminent hedge fund manager and skilled chartist, took to Twitter on Tuesday to make an unexpected declaration. In a tweet seemingly poking fun at crypto’s zealous bulls, Dow wrote that he would be saying goodbye to his Bitcoin (BTC) short, which he purportedly opened during the asset’s peak in late-2017.… Read More »