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Global Bitcoin ATM Growth Continues – Now More than 4,000

Recent statistics by Coinatmradar reveal that Bitcoin ATMs globally have crossed the much touted 4,000 threshold. Bitcoin ATMs Surpass the 4,000 Mark According to Coinatmradar, the current number of Bitcoin ATMs globally is 4,060, a figure surpassing the 4,000 milestone. The number is a testament to the continuous growth of BTC ATMs worldwide, despite the current plunge in… Read More »

Bitcoin ATMs About to Reach the 4,000 Milestone Worldwide

Current statistics reveal that Bitcoin ATMs around the globe are about to reach 4,000. Though not as widespread as mainstream ATMs, BTC ATMs seem to experience astronomical growth. In November, the number of such machines worldwide is expected to cross the 4,000 milestone. Bitcoin ATMs almost at 4,000 Over time, Bitcoin ATMs have become increasingly popular across the… Read More »

More Bitcoin ATMs for Argentina Amidst Country’s Financial Crisis

Two companies plan to install more Bitcoin ATMs for Argentina, amidst the country’s financial crisis. Bitcoin to the Rescue Argentina’s financial crisis will be eased, with the introduction of more BTC ATMs in the country. Two U.S. based companies, Athena Bitcoin and Odyssey Group, plan to install more BTC ATMs around the South American country, bringing a ray… Read More »

Cryptocurrency ATMs Set to Multiply in Greece

Cryptocurrency ATMs are set to become more popular in Greece following plans by a local company to install more of the machines. Cryptocurrency ATMs continue to become more popular, with units being installed in different countries on a regular basis. More Cryptocurrency ATMs Coming to Greece According to the Greek Reporter, a local company wants to increase Greece’s… Read More »

Analysis: Crypto ATM Industry Will Grow Tenfold in Next Five Years

Many experienced cryptocurrency investors and traders classify crypto ATMs as a gimmick, as these machines charge exorbitant fees in comparison to digital fiat-to-crypto exchanges, like Coinbase, Bittrex or Bitstamp. But as decentralized technologies develop and more individuals seek to enter the cryptosphere, analysts predict that the value of the global crypto ATM market will skyrocket in correlation with surging… Read More »

Amsterdam Airport Reveals Its First Cryptocurrency ATM

Passengers visiting Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport will now be able to trade their Euros for cryptocurrencies, through a newly launched cryptocurrency ATM. Schiphol Unexpectedly Announces Cryptocurrency ATM On June the 20th, Schiphol Airport announced the installation of its first cryptocurrency ATM. According to the blog post released by the airport, this is going to be the first cryptocurrency ATM… Read More »

South Africa Gets Its First Multi-Currency Crypto ATM

Nikita Blows · May 19, 2018 · 4:00 am As cryptocurrency interest and trading continues to grow in South Africa, some retailers are hoping to cash in. The country will soon be the second in southern Africa to launch a crypto ATM. After February’s election of Cyril Ramaphosa as South Africa’s new president, things seemed to be looking… Read More »