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Bitcoin (BTC) Darknet Transactions Doubled In 2018: Why This Is Bullish

Crypto Darknet Transactions Boomed In 2018 Since Bitcoin (BTC) burst onto the global stage in 2009, the cryptocurrency, known for its decentralized, immutable, censorship-resistant, pseudonymous, and borderless nature, has become a medium for transactions of all shapes and size. And just like U.S. dollars and other government-issued currencies, BTC has found use cases in illicit transactions. Whether it… Read More »

US Agencies Top List of Law Enforcement Requests Sent to Crypto Exchanges

As the crypto industry grows, its increased use by both innocent cryptocurrency investors and malicious cyber criminals does as well. This has prompted government agencies and financial market regulators to take a deeper look at crypto transactions in order to track down potential criminal behavior in hopes of finding evidence that will lead to successful prosecution.

Ethereum Constantinople Delayed Until February 27th (Last Date of VanEck Bitcoin ETF Verdict)

Ethereum Constantinople Delayed To Late-February Earlier this week, Ethereum World News reported that Ethereum’s long-planned Constantinople blockchain upgrade fell upon hard times, with developers drawing attention to an error in the protocol’s code, which would purportedly allow malicious attackers to drain ETH from smart contracts. As this news propagated, the market fell, with Ether falling by upwards of… Read More »

Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork Scheduled for Late February Following Recent Delay

Earlier this week, the highly-anticipated Ethereum (ETH) hard fork event – dubbed Constantinople – was delayed just one day before its scheduled event time due to the discovery of a significant security vulnerability that, if it were to have been implemented, would have allowed nefarious actors to steal user’s funds.On a conference call this Friday with Ethereum’s lead… Read More »

Bearish Crypto Market Claims Another Victim in Mining Space

The long-running bearish sentiment of cryptocurrency market has claimed another victim.Giga Watt, a US-based Bitcoin mining firm, sent an email to its customers, stating that it has decided to close down operations. The company clarified that it had lost access and power to its mining facilities because it didn’t have adequate funds to continue the mining services.The email came… Read More »

Crypto VC Firm Seeking $60M Amid Bitcoin Rout: Good Sign?

It goes without saying that 2018’s bear season savaged the broader crypto industry. Investors lost faith, Wall Street seemingly pulled out, and entire startups collapsed as financial pressure mounted, catalyzed by a collapse of the Bitcoin price. Yet, ambitious venture groups continue to seek financiers en-masse, as arguably, bear markets are an optimal time for “buying the dip.”Pro-Bitcoin… Read More »

Crypto Pundits Skeptical Of “Better Bitcoin” Plan From MIT, Stanford

Since Bitcoin began to pick up steam in 2016, the network, coupled with its core developers, has been criticized by cynics en-masse for its inability to scale. And while evident strides are being made, with solutions like the Lightning Network and Segregated Witness seeing rapid adoption, innovators have still sought to one-up the world’s first cryptocurrency.Academics from two… Read More »

Bold Price Predictions For Stellar (XLM) and Cardano (ADA) in 2019

Crypto predictions are always taken with a pinch of salt. They are essentially just guesswork based on a few fundamentals and snapshots of the market at any given time. There is no doubt though that predictions for future prices of crypto assets are incredibly popular, and the latest from Finder have made some bold assertions.Stellar and Cardano up,… Read More »

eToro CEO: BitTorrent ICO With 100M Users is Smart, May Invest

When the bosses of huge trading firms start paying attention to ICOs they are usually worth a second look. The offering of the moment will be BitTorrent’s BTT token as its 100 million users are also likely to be paying attention.BitTorrent Speed and BTT Token LaunchThe biggest announcement from the Tron Foundation which acquired BitTorrent back in mid-2018… Read More »