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Bitcoin (BTC) Stable At $3,400: Analyst Compares Crypto With Dotcom Bubble

Bitcoin Stable At $3,400, Altcoins In Similar Position  Interestingly, after a multi-week bout of lower lows, the crypto market at large stabilized on Tuesday and Wednesday, as Bitcoin (BTC) found itself trading in a tight range between $3,300 and $3,500. Since Ethereum World News’ previous market update, released not 24 hours ago, the aggregate market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Market Update: The Only Thing Climbing is Bitcoin Dominance

FOMO Moments Cryptocurrency markets are still on the floor; tiny gains for most altcoins, BTC dominance climbs. There has been a little recovery since Saturday’s all time low for the year but nothing significant. Total market capitalization is still way down, hovering just above $110 billion at the time of writing. It could drop below that at any… Read More »

Study: Pump and Dump Schemes have Negligible Effect on Crypto Markets

A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has revealed that machine learning can identify crypto pump and dump schemes before they happen. It arrived at a figure generated by fraudulent trading which is a tiny fraction of the total trade volume.$7 Million Monthly Volume From Pump and DumpsThe study went on to reveal that there are at… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Market Update: Bitcoin Cash at All Time Low, Waves Rising

FOMO MomentsCryptocurrency markets falling back mid-week; Bitcoin Cash is evaporating, and EOS melting while Waves rides high.Markets are continuing to fall back as the week goes on and the general trend since the weekend has been downwards. Gains that are made do not last long and total market capitalization is back around the $125 billion level again and… Read More »

Bitcoin (BTC) Falls Under $3,900, Crypto Exchange CEO Unfazed

Crypto Market Stumbles, BTC Under $3,900 Over the past 24 hours, following a 36-hour market lull, crypto assets began to falter, stumbling under the short-term bottoms they established in the days prior. This continued tumultuous movement has seen the aggregate value of all cryptocurrencies collapse by $10 billion, moving under $129 billion for the umpteenth time in weeks. Interestingly,… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Market Update: 17% Recovery Since Last Sunday’s 2018 Low

FOMO MomentsCrypto markets are bouncing back again, Bitcoin SV, Cardano, Tron and Maker recovering well.There has been a marginal recovery from yesterday’s market dump this Sunday and things did not fall off the cliff again as we have seen in recent weeks. Total market capitalization has recovered to climb back to around $135 billion at the time of… Read More »

Envion (ENV) ICO Venture Shut Down by Swiss Court

News reaching Ethereum World News indicate that the Envion (ENV) ICO venture has been shut down by a Swiss Court. Established almost a year ago, the venture run into turbulence when partners Michael Luckow and Matthias Woestmann went to court to settle a dispute regarding token allocation. Woestmann accused Luckow of wanting to mint more tokens than was… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Market Update: Stellar (XLM) Climbs to Fourth Spot

FOMO MomentsCrypto markets have held their gains, Stellar and Zcash leading the way.Cryptocurrency markets have held on to their gains following two days of recovery from extremely low levels. Things are not great mind you and markets are still at very depressed levels for the year, but the good news is that they haven’t dumped any further over… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Market Update: Real Recovery or Dead Cat Bounce?

FOMO MomentsMarkets are still gaining, Bitcoin SV, Cardano, Tron and Verge on the up.The recovery on crypto markets has continued for a second day but has slowed down somewhat. Percentage gains today are less than what they were yesterday but market capitalization is approaching $140 billion once again.Many are calling a ‘dead cat bounce’ on Bitcoin indicating that… Read More »

Bitcoin (BTC) Surges Above $4,000, Analyst Cries “Dead Cat Bounce”

Crypto Buying Volume Booms, Bitcoin Heads Above $4,000 After a near non-stop bout of selling pressure, on Tuesday, after a seeming shift in the crypto-related news cycle, Bitcoin and its altcoin brethren unexpectedly underwent a positive price influx. And after a day of buy-side action, the aggregate value of all crypto assets has risen to $135 billion, 15%… Read More »