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Altcoins Daily Preview: Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR) Bearish Below $35 and $60, EU’s Fifth AML Directive Bins Privacy

Latest Litecoin News The Irish Minister of Finance, Charlie Flanagan, is jubilant expecting enforcement of a proposal that will once-and-for-all crash financial illegalities. According to reports from the Irish Times, Flanagan said terrorists and serious criminals are thriving thanks to money laundering. The act itself if criminal and if steps are taken to starve them from “washing” money,… Read More »

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH Floors at $150, Regulators Willing to Learn

Latest Bitcoin Cash News Thing is investors are unfazed and even as speculators rush to the exits research data from Chainanalysis show that most were stockpiling days before prices plummeted ahead of the disastrous hash rate war of the third week of November 2018. Read: Bitcoin (BTC) is Set to Become the World’s Reserve Currency, Max Keiser Says… Read More »

Altcoins Daily Preview: BCH Rally Slowed by BTC.Top Capabilities, XLM Ceiling at 15 Cents

Latest Bitcoin Cash News At spot prices, BCH is shaky and yet to recover after getting halved in mid-November. Its drastic fall in value was contagious and because of that wholesale sell-off, BTC and other altcoins prices dropped to new lows. But even in the mid of this disillusionment and double-digit losses, the team is firmly on course… Read More »

Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Range-Bound, xRapid Adoption Top Priority

Latest Ripple News That blockchain will find widespread use in the multi-billion-dollar cross-border payment industry is true. Spearheading this drive is Ripple and although it is a for-profit company that utilizes XRP as an on-demand liquidity tool for one of its main solutions, the team at Ripple is working overtime to ensure there is regulatory compliance. Read: The… Read More »

Bloomberg: Bitcoin (BTC) Technicals “Flash Buy” As Crypto Recovers

Bitcoin (BTC) Technical Indicators Turn Bullish It’s 2019, and it seems that prospects are already looking bright for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market at large. According to a recent article posted by Bloomberg’s Vildana Hajric and Reade Pickert, a number of technical indicators/signals have begun show bullish signs, after a multi-month lull in crypto valuations. Per the two… Read More »

Altcoins Daily Preview: TRX Bulls Aim at 2.5 Cents, Cardano (ADA)—Tron Could “Flap”

Latest Cardano News Last year, ADA prices did sink, printing new lows but then the team behind Cardano were unfazed and on a development overdrive, crashing milestones. No doubt, The Cardano Foundation, Emurgo and IOHK are working overtime and not just rehashing stuff. They are perhaps the only team working in detail, doing research and looking forward to… Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Ready for $4,000, HitBTC Insolvent or “Coin” Run?

Latest Bitcoin News For novices, the slogan is simple: Not your keys, not your coins. And I mean private keys. You lose it and there goes your coins. They won’t be recovered and will hang in the digital ether forever—unless of course the Bitcoin developer community decide to do something about it —perhaps go the Craig Wright route… Read More »

Litecoin (LTC), EOS (EOS) and IOTA (MIOTA) Attempt to Follow Ethereum (ETH) Surge: Price Increase Day

Ethereum ETH against the US Dollar has taken the highroad showcasing for a couple of days a strong will from the community to overcome XRP‘s market capitalization and increase the token’s price. After the New Year’s Eve Ball hit the ground on the second of January, the smart contract oriented cryptocurrency took over Ripple’s XRP second place and… Read More »

Ethereum (ETH) Closes In On XRP After 15% Gain

ETH Aims To Overtake Second Seat After 15% Gain Friday saw the cryptocurrency market undergo a strong reversal after a red day. In the past 24 hours, per data compiled by Live Coin Watch, Bitcoin (BTC) has found itself up by 7.22%. And interestingly, as altcoins underperformed BTC on Thursday, Friday’s leg higher saw a number of leading… Read More »

WSJ: Bitcoin (BTC) Trading In Step With Gold Amid Dow Jones Tumult

Bitcoin (BTC) Trading [Somewhat] In Step With The Volatility Index Although Bitcoin (BTC) remains just hundreds of dollars away from its yearly low, the flagship crypto asset has regained boatloads of volatility in recent weeks. Some days throughout the past weeks have seen BTC, along with its altcoin brethren, swing by double-digits. Interestingly, a report from the Wall… Read More »