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Bitcoin (BTC) Boom Was An “Anomaly,” Yet Crypto Indicators Are Still Bullish

Bloomberg Journalist Bashes Bitcoin For Being Correlated Yesterday, Sonny Singh, the chief commercial officer of fintech startup Bitpay, sat down with Bloomberg Opinion’s Stephen Gandel and host Emily Chang to talk about the Bitcoin price. In a debate-esque style, Gandel and Singh bounced ideas off each other, with both ballyhooing their opinions on the leading crypto asset. Via… Read More »

Litecoin Price Analysis: Charlie Lee Confident as LTC Melt Below $35

Latest Litecoin News For a long time now, talk has been on proof of work consensus algorithms and their modus operandi. On one hand, the transaction confirmation protocol has been around since early 1990s only getting traction from early 2000s after Bitcoin roll out. Read: Bitcoin maximalists reveal Proof of Keys failures but is it all just FUD?… Read More »

Altcoins Daily Preview: EOS and Stellar Lumens Bear Breakout Confirmations

Latest Stellar Lumens News For a project to hold on to a position in the top 10, then it means the founders have a workable vision and there is progress as the platform offers solutions. Demand must be there and although some as Stellar Lumens have been labelled as “failed currencies”, their native coin—XLM is resistant to lower… Read More »

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: To $400 or $70 Depends on BCH Price Reaction at $230 and $150

Latest Bitcoin Cash News Recently, a high ranking official with the Bank of International Settlement said Bitcoin is an “evil spawn of a crisis”. In yet another incident, the General Manager of the same bank, Agustín Carstens, said Bitcoin was masquerading as a currency and it was a Ponzi scheme, a bubble and an environmental disaster. Lambasts didn’t… Read More »

Bitcoin (BTC) Falls 5% Amid Sudden Crypto Market Meltdown

Market Drops Drastically In 2019 First On Wednesday night, The Crypto Dog, a leading Bitcoin analyst, took to his Twitter page, which sports over 100,000 followers, to draw attention to the Ethereum/USD chart, noting that something might happen soon. The chart, which accentuated ETH’s wedge formation, indicated that a breakout (either up or down) was slated to happen.… Read More »

Crypto Investor: Bitcoin Has Upside Potential Due To Non-Correlated Nature

Bitcoin Is A Great Diversifier  Bill Miller, the chief of investment at American fund manager Miller Value Partners, recently appeared on CNBC’s “The Exchange” segment to discuss his thoughts on the cryptocurrency industry, along with his investment thesis regarding Bitcoin (BTC). Miller (69), worth purported dozens of millions, explaining that firstly, he doesn’t believe that anybody necessarily “needs”… Read More »

Ripple Price Analysis: xRapid Needs to Control a Mere 5% of Global Payments for XRP to Rise 500%

Latest Ripple News The cross-border payment market is projected to hit $2 trillion by 2020 according to a recent report by McKinsey.  Citing robust growth especially in the Asia-Pacific corridor, the report goes on to say the global payments will swell and even exceed $5 trillion in the next five years. This means at spot prices, Ripple through… Read More »