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Coinbase, Kraken and Huobi To Support Ethereum’s (ETH) Constantinople Hard Fork

The Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople Hard Fork is meant to be triggered at block 7,080,000. Further checking Etherscan, we are currently at block 7,069,605 and in line with the projected dates of 14th to the 18th January as to when the software upgrade will occur. There is also an online countdown available for crypto enthusasits to follow here. Coinbase,… Read More »

Ethereum Nowa (ETN) and Ethereum Classic Vision (ETCV) Hard Forks Identified as Possible Scams

The two additional hard forks of Ethereum Nowa (ETN) and Ethereum Classic Vision (ETCV) have come under scrutiny after reports emerged that both are taking the private keys of users trying to redeem the additional coins. They then use the private keys to empty out the wallets of those seeking to participate in the airdrops. The ETCV hard… Read More »

Ethereum (ETH) Core Developers Propose an ASIC Resistant Upgrade

The Ethereum (ETH) Core Developers had a meeting on the 4th of January that discussed several developments on the network such as the upcoming Constantinople and Istanbul hard forks. Another EIP (Ethereum Improvement Proposal) that was discussed, was one meant to update the current hashing algorithm to reduce the incentive to mine Ethereum using ASICs (Application Specific Integrated… Read More »

Binance Confirms Support for the January Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople Hard Fork

The highly anticipated Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople hard fork has been scheduled for the 16th of January but depending on the target block height of 7,080,000, it could happen a few hours before or after the scheduled date. The enormity and excitement surrounding the upgrade has resulted in ETH gaining significantly in the past 2 weeks or so. Binance… Read More »

Ethereum Price Analysis: Rally Above $250 Could Propel ETH/USD Towards $400

Latest Ethereum News The evolution of Ethereum as a decentralized and open source platform to an efficient world computer capable of securely storing and processing information requires sacrifice and participation from all stake holders. At the back of this is the need to address scalability and of course deal with centralization possibilities via ProgPow. Ethereum 2.0 or Serenity… Read More »