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Ethereum Consensus Shift Could Delay Any Derivatives Products

The biggest thing on the launch pad this year is the Bakkt crypto exchange which is currently in a holding pattern while US government employees twiddle their thumbs during Trump’s shutdown. Several other contenders are hopeful about Ethereum futures but according to one crypto exchange boss they are unlikely to be seen soon.Regulatory Concerns MountingAccording to Paul Chou,… Read More »

Crypto Conference Industry Remains in Bull Market, New Data Shows

More often than not, the first thing to be cut out of the budget is marketing. When the going gets tough and the coffers start emptying, the first head on the chopping block is usually the marketing intern. Followed by PR and event organization. But while the industry’s certainly seen a few layoffs in 2018, crypto conferences are… Read More »

Parity Launches Beta Version of Tool Stack for Building Blockchains

United Kingdom-based blockchain infrastructure provider Parity has launched a beta version of Substrate, its tool for creating customized blockchains, according to a press release published Tuesday, Dec. 18. The release states that Substrate is designed to provide “maximum technical freedom” while creating blockchains. It supports multiple programming languages, users can make their own consensus mechanisms, and it is… Read More »

Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork to Come in Mid-January, Based on Dev’s New Agreement

Ethereum (ETH) core developers have agreed to launch the long-awaited Constantinople  hard fork at block 7,080,000, as decided in a bi-weekly developers meeting on Friday, Dec. 7. The new agreement follows the previous decision to delay Constantinople fork for late January 2019 due to a “consensus issue” that occurred during the upgrade trial on Ropsten testnet in October.… Read More »

No Fiat Accepted: HTC’s New ‘Blockchain Phone’ Buyable Only for Bitcoin or Ethereum

The HTC Exodus 1 phone, introduced at the Consensus conference in May, is now available for pre-order on early access. Primarily aimed at the development community, the scheme only allows payment for the blockchain-enabled model using bitcoin or ethereum. Blockchain + Phone = ? So what exactly is a blockchain-enabled mobile device? Well, according to HTC: Our vision… Read More »

Deloitte Outlines Five Major Obstacles to Blockchain’s Mainstream Adoption

“Big Four” audit and consulting firm Deloitte has outlined five basic areas of development for blockchain technology in order achieve widespread adoption, according to a study published September 28. According to Deloitte, in order to be adopted by enterprises on a mass scale, blockchain technology should overcome five major obstacles – the possibility of time-consuming operations, lack of… Read More »

Step on the Consensus side

Side-events of big conferences gradually conquer more attention than the main events. There is a number of reasons why this happens, but let’s take a closer look at the mechanics behind the process using the example of the biggest event in the industry — Consensus. One could confidently assume that most of the world of crypto would prove… Read More »

Cardano (ADA) Coin Story: Attempt to Improve what Bitcoin and Ethereum Chose Wrong

Since Bitcoin’s inception in the financial world it has given birth to a new field of ideas and solutions to be explored by many for the issues that are globally met right now. Mostly and tremendously in the currency industry. One of the most influential and respected figures trying to shape-up and improve the crypto-verse by no doubt… Read More »