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Canada’s Coinsquare Exchange To Make Foray Into Asia

Coinsquare, a premier Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, has just announced plans to make expansions into Japan, with this move being made in collaboration with a global blockchain firm. To make this foray into the Asian market a success, Coinsquare is joining hands with DLTa21 in a strategic partnership, which will see the two engage in collaborative efforts to ensure… Read More »

$731 Million Stolen from Crypto Exchanges in 2018: Can Hacks be Prevented?

Advertisement Blockchain security firm CipherTrace recently reported that $731 million worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen from crypto exchanges during the first half of 2018. Last year, crypto exchanges recorded around $266 million in losses from security breaches and heists. The first half of 2018 recorded triple the amount stolen from crypto exchanges in 2017, triggering investors in the… Read More »

Crypto Money Laundering Expected to Reach $1.5 Billion in 2018

A new report has revealed that three times more cryptocurrency has been stolen from crypto exchanges so far in 2018 compared to 2017.Data security company CipherTrace, which released the report, analyse cryptocurrency data to identify illicit money flow and money laundering.Money Laundering Reaches Record HighsData collected by CipherTrace shows that $761 million has already been laundered via cryptocurrencies… Read More »

Japan’s Crypto-Friendly Regulator to Leave in Summer, What Will Change?

Advertisement Nobuchika Mori, Japan’s longest-serving regulator and chief of Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) who is responsible for most of the crypto regulations imposed by the Japanese government, is expected to leave this summer, according to FT. Mori’s Forward-Thinking Approach For many years, with strict capital controls and money laundering policies, Japan has always been known as a… Read More »

Bitcoin Falls to a Yearly Low of $5,800: Factors and Trends

The Bitcoin bloodbath of 2018 continues as the leading cryptocurrency fell to a new yearly low of $5,885.41 and still descending. Marking an almost 50% price drop this quarter and down nearly 75% from its all-time high just 6 months ago.Pundits, bulls, and bears all have their own theories on the factors that control the market.  The market is… Read More »

Japan’s Exchanges Regulatory Turning Point: How and Why Authorities Wrested Control

On March 8, 2016, Japan announced Bitcoin as a legal form of payment; its adoption was flourishing and only positive things could be said about the digital currency as the digitally inclined population embraced cryptocurrencies. Japan was a leader in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency innovation and adoption. From ‘Miss Bitcoin’ to the slew of businesses that the island nation… Read More »

Japan’s Finance Minister Wants to Change Crypto Taxation, Doubts Public Acceptance

Japan’s Minister of Finance thinks that it is doubtful the public would accept a change in the taxation of cryptocurrency transactions, Cointelegraph Japan reports today, June 25. During today’s Upper House Budget Committee meeting, Taro Aso — also Japan’s Deputy Prime Minister — said that crypto transactions should be taxed as a “separate self-assessment taxation” rather than their… Read More »

Entrepreneur Uses $67 Million Life Savings to Acquire a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Eric Cheng, a Singaporean entrepreneur, spent all of his life savings and sold his properties including two Rolls Royces, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and a Porsche to acquire a 100 percent stake in a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange called BitTrade. Why Cheng was Willing to Take the Risk Less than a week ago, Bithumb,… Read More »

UK Regulators Question Exchanges as Bithumb News Spreads

The recent $30 Million hack of Bithumb has caused U.K. regulators to question the security of cryptocurrency exchanges, with exchanges operating in the U.K. coming under fire. 2018: The Year of Exchange Hacks? As the cryptocurrency market swells, the amount of exchange hacks has grown, in a direct correlation with the growth of active exchanges. The fears of… Read More »