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CNBC Trader: Bitcoin (BTC) At $3,000 Would Cause Panic En-Masse

CNBC Trader Bearish On Bitcoin (BTC) — Contrarian Indicator?  Anthony Grisanti, a CNBC guest and futures trader, recently sat down with the outlet’s “Futures Now” segment to talk about Bitcoin (BTC). While he claimed that he had no reservations against the cryptocurrency, Grisanti seemed overly bearish on BTC, even though fundamentals for the underlying blockchain are relatively outperforming. Grisanti,… Read More »

Hedge Fund Chairman Bill Miller Skeptical of ‘Overdone’ Ripple

Miller Value Partners (MVP) chairman & CIO Bill Miller has reiterated his faith in Bitcoin while publicly voicing suspicion about Ripple. Miller Consolidates Bitcoin Holdings Speaking to CNBC in an interview January 9, Miller, whose fund began buying up Bitcoin in 2014, said he had since “spun off” its Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash holdings into a separate fund.… Read More »

Wall Street’s Bill Miller: ‘Bitcoin Has Potential to Be Worth a Lot or Worth Zero’

Bitcoin (BTC) can potentially have a high value or be worth nothing, noted Wall Street investor Bill Miller told CNBC in an interview on Monday, Jan. 7. Miller, the founder of investment management firm Miller Value Partners, spoke to CNBC host Kelly Evans during a show called “The Exchange,” calling Bitcoin an interesting technological experiment and recalling a… Read More »

CNBC Trader: Bitcoin (BTC) In “No Man’s Land,” $3,000 Likely

Bitcoin (BTC) In “No Man’s Land,” Exclaims CNBC Trader CNBC’s “Futures Now” segment recently brought on Jeff Kilburg, the CEO of KKM Financial, and Jim Iurio, a broker at TJM Institutional Services, to discuss the recent uptick in buying pressure for Bitcoin (BTC). For those who missed the memo, within a week’s time, BTC, which found a year-to-date low at ~$3150… Read More »

Bitpay CEO: Bitcoin Price Built Off “Speculation”

Big Component Of Bitcoin Price Is “Speculation” Since the monumental run-up in the Bitcoin price during 2017, pundits have speculated that traders have ousted investors, creating an environment that has been rife with price speculation. In a recent interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, Stephen Pair, CEO of the world-renowned crypto-friendly payment processor that is BitPay, confirmed this theory. Speaking… Read More »

Bitcoin Price Driven More by Speculation Than Utility: BitPay CEO

Advertisement BitPay CEO Stephen Pair has stated that speculation drives a substantial part of bitcoin’s current valuation, while the actual use of the crypto market leader as a currency is responsible for only a relatively small fraction of its price. Speaking on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Pair revealed that BitPay intends to change this situation significantly over the next… Read More »

Bitcoin to Be Worth ‘Great Deal More’ in Three Years, Circle Co-Founder Says

Jeremy Allaire, co-founder of crypto finance company Circle, told CNBC in an interview Friday, Dec. 14, that Bitcoin (BTC) will be worth “a great deal more” than it is now. When asked about the Bitcoin price in three years, Allaire told Squawk Box host Andrew Ross Sorkin that he does not make “significant price predictions,” while adding, “I think… Read More »

Barry Silbert: Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Was An Industry “Disservice”

Since the Bitcoin industry entered late-October, there has been an auspicious rise in search queries for the cryptocurrency, in spite of the downtrend that shocked crypto-centric investors worldwide. As reported by Ethereum World News, per Google Trends, the “Bitcoin” query has risen to a four-month volume high. The search term, “Bitcoin Cash,” also saw a notable explosion in volume.… Read More »