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History May Signal That Bitcoin is Nearing a New Bull Cycle

Since early-2018, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors alike have been caught in what seems to be a large sea full of endless waves comprised of price drops, fake news, accounts of fraud, and countless other examples of occurrences that have shaken out the weak speculators. This has left behind a community of investors who either ardently believe in the… Read More »

Positive Sentiment Builds In For Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies At The Advent Of 2019

2018 was a terrible year for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as most of the coins recorded over an 80 percent fall. But with the start of 2019, the sentiments around the analyst and investors’ community is somewhat showing a positivity as a lot of investors believe 2019 will be the year for Bitcoin and cryptos. Cryptocurrency boom to begin,… Read More »

Big Predictions for 2019: Bitcoin Heading for New All Time High

Price predictions for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can always be met with some degree of skepticism. A market correction was expected last year but very few predicted that Bitcoin would lose over 80% in 2018. Weiss Ratings has just released their predictions for the coming year and they are extremely bullish.New ATH For BitcoinStarting out with the fact that… Read More »

‘What a Shocker’ – CME Bitcoin Futures Volume Soars 41%

As investors speculate when Bitcoin will bottom and reverse course, a recently released CME report shows Bitcoin Futures daily trading volume up 41% over Q3. Bitcoin Futures Volume Rises Sharply The bear market is still a reality, but investors are steadily making moves behind the curtain. A new report from the CME  (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) shows that Bitcoin futures trading… Read More »

Bull-Market Will Return ‘Any Minute,’ Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Says

According to the CEO of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Changpeng Zhao, the bull market is about to return “any minute.” “Any Minute the Bull Market Will Return” Changpeng Zhao, CEO at Binance, expressed his rather positive sentiment on the current market setup during an interview with CryptoGlobe at Consensus: Singapore 2018 conference. Being fairly cautious with his… Read More »

Is Bitcoin’s New All-Time-High Hashrate a Green Light for Bulls

Bitcoin tweeted out to it’s 58 thousand plus followers that their hashrate has it another all-time high, experiencing a 15% increase in the last two weeks. Bitcoin Hashrate Constantly Climbing This recent jump and constant rise in hashrate over the past few months shows a consistent level of interest in mining the digital token, despite remaining below the important… Read More »

Binance Encourages Crypto Clean Up with $1 Billion Investment Fund

Binance has created a one billion dollar investment fund to support companies they see as beneficial to the future of the developing crypto technology in hopes of cleaning out the schemes and scams using ICO’s and cryptocurrency.Cleaning up the Crypto SpaceElla Zhang, a graduate of the Stanford School of Business and former investment director at Kleiner Perkins Caufield and… Read More »