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‘I Made BitPay Obsolete,’ Says BTCPay Dev, Nicolas Dorier

Bitcoinist caught up with Nicolas Dorier, a developer of open-source and self-hosted Bitcoin payment processor alternative, BTCPay. ‘Nothing is Unsolvable in the Long Run’ Bitcoinist: In August 2017, you posted one of the most epic tweets aimed at BitPay calling out their lies and vowing to make the company obsolete. Can you reflect on this? How far have… Read More »

Shapeshift Admits ‘Imposition of KYC’d Accounts’ Hurt Company Financially

The instant digital asset exchange platform ShapeShift has laid off one-third of its team because of the “dramatic and severe” crypto recession as well as being cautious in “a challenging regulatory environment.” Crypto Winter Cold Bites Shapeshift In a detailed announcement, the company’s CEO, Erik Voorhees, revealed “with a heavy heart” that the company has let 37 of… Read More »

LibrePatron Uses BTCPay To Bypass ‘Censorship-Heavy’ Patreon With Bitcoin

A US attorney and developer has vowed to release an alternative to crowdfunding platform Patreon using open source Bitcoin payment processor BTCPay. Replicating Patreon’s ‘Full Feature Set’ In a series of tweets December 30, Jeff Vandrew Jr. released a sample site for LibrePatron, which he claims incorporates the “full feature set” of Patreon itself. The move comes after… Read More »

Gab Says Bitcoin is The Clear Solution as ‘Free Speech Money’

Censorship-free social media platform, Gab, took to Twitter to proclaim the gospel according to Bitcoin. Describing the grandaddy of cryptocurrency as “free speech money,” it pledged to educate its near million-strong community. The Next Evolution Of Online Payments In recent tweets, Gab calls for the next evolution of online payments, in the form of un-censorable money. This must… Read More »

Square’s Debut of Payment Terminal Triggers Fresh Bitcoin Acceptance Rumors

Consumer and merchant payment network Square Inc. unveiled a point-of-sale (PoS) terminal October 19 in a move which sparked excitement about possible Bitcoin integration. Bitcoin PoS Next For Square? Unveiled on social media and in an interview with tech outlet Nerdist, Square’s device is designed as a standalone solution for merchants wishing to accept card payments. The move comes… Read More »

It ‘Doesn’t Work’: Cryptocurrency Community Tells airBaltic To Ditch BitPay

BHB Network CEO Giacomo Zucco publicly urged Latvian airline airBaltic to replace BitPay as its Bitcoin payment processor September 5, claiming the company’s product “doesn’t work.” Zucco to airBaltic: Go Open Source In a tweet, Zucco — who has become known for his support of open source alternatives to overly-centralized services both within cryptocurrency and beyond — called… Read More »

ShapeShift Ends Anonymity With Announcement of Mandatory KYC Data Collection

Instant cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift.io has become the latest cryptocurrency entity to succumb to user data collection as part of a major overhaul to its services. CEO Voorhees: It ‘Sucks’ In a blog post on September 4, CEO Erik Voorhees stated that all ShapeShift users would ultimately face “mandatory” know-your-customer (KYC) requirements in order to exchange cryptocurrency. ShapeShift introduced the… Read More »

CheapAir Sends Warning To Customers About Bitcoin Extortion Scam

Popular travel and accommodation website CheapAir.com mentioned in a blog post how they were threatened with a social media smear campaign demanding $10,000 in Bitcoin.  CheapAir.com is a well-known website for intrepid travelers, but it’s also achieved notoriety inside of the cryptocurrency world. The company was one of the first entities to accept Bitcoin 00, accepting the cryptocurrency for… Read More »

No More Coinbase and BitPay: Process Your Own Bitcoin Payments for $6 a Month

Merchants can now use a Bitcoin full node to process their own payments via the BTCPay server for under $6 a month — with or without Lightning Network functionality.  Removing Microsoft Azure Reliance A guide to the solution from creator and Bitcoin developer Nicolas Dorier published August 18 explains how merchants who want to accept payments without banking… Read More »

Mastodon to Accept Bitcoin As More Users Unfollow Twitter

Decentralized social network Mastodon is seeing major interest from Bitcoin users as Twitter fails to act on botnets, censorship and account blocks. ‘We Can Find A Way To Make It Work’ Mastodon, which has a user interface and features similar to Twitter but runs entirely without centralized control, has attracted 1,300 cryptocurrency users to its dedicated Bitcoin ecosystem… Read More »