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3 Cryptocurrencies Well-Positioned to Beat BTC Price in Q4 (AMB, BCH, ADA)

This week’s cryptocurrencies market analysis will concentrate on technological advancements in the blockchain space in quarter 4. The analysis will focus on major technological upgrades occurring in quarter four along with Ambrosus (AMB) being a top contender to produce returns well in excess of 100% in the immediate short term. 3 Cryptocurrencies We Predicted Would Rally  Last Week’s Piece,… Read More »

Report: Vast Majority of ICOs Trading Significantly Below Their Listing Price

A recent report from Ernst & Young found that nearly a third of all cryptocurrencies that have been financed through online fundraisers, like initial coin offerings (ICOs), have lost almost all their value, while the vast majority of them are currently trading below their listing price.The report, which was first published today, gathered its data from 141 cryptocurrency… Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bitcoin Returns to Previous Range After Tether Caused Price Surge

Bitcoin had experienced a surge in price over the past few days, largely attributed to the slip on the USD Tether peg. The market has returned to its previous equilibrium level before the surge in price. Support levels moving forward; $6558, $6453, $6261, $6189, $6032, $6000. Resistance levels moving forward; $6639, $6715, $6824, $6862, $7053, $7300, $7431, $7606..… Read More »

Russian Central Bank Reports Cryptocurrency “Fever” Is Waning

Cryptocurrency, Investing–Cryptocurrency has long been under attack for a number common faults found with the industry. Many economists, including Nobel Prize winning academics, focus on the viability of crypto as a source of money as an alternative to traditional fiat. While investors and pro-crypto enthusiasts see the advantage of digital money, transactions secured through blockchain and the ability… Read More »

ETH/BTC Analysis: Ethereum Price Remains in Downtrend Vs Bitcoin

Ethereum price remains in a bearish zone below 0.0320BTC against bitcoin. ETH/BTC is likely to continue lower towards the 0.0303BTC or 0.0290BTC. Important points Ethereum price accelerated declines and traded below the 0.0320BTC support. ETH/BTC is forming another breakout pattern with support at 0.0313BTC on the 4-hours chart. ETH price could continue to move down once it breaks… Read More »

‘What a Shocker’ – CME Bitcoin Futures Volume Soars 41%

As investors speculate when Bitcoin will bottom and reverse course, a recently released CME report shows Bitcoin Futures daily trading volume up 41% over Q3. Bitcoin Futures Volume Rises Sharply The bear market is still a reality, but investors are steadily making moves behind the curtain. A new report from the CME  (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) shows that Bitcoin futures trading… Read More »