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China Quietly Makes It Illegal to Run a Node Without Gov’t Approval

China has introduced new regulations intended to promote the ‘healthy development’ of blockchain technology. However, the new law also entitles the Cyberspace Administration of China to supervise node operators, as well as to request private information.  New Blockchain Regulations China’s Office of Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission (CAC) issued new regulations dubbed “Regulations on the Management of Blockchain Information… Read More »

McKinsey & Company: Blockchain Technology Isn’t Living Up to the Hype

McKinsey & Company, the leading consulting firm, says blockchain technology is failing to transition past its pioneering stage. The company notes, however, that payments may not be the best use-case for a complex technology like blockchain. Houston, We Don’t Have Lift Off Major consulting company McKinsey & Company has published an article on the current issues faced by blockchain… Read More »

MIT: Blockchains Will Become ‘Boring’ in 2019

‘Boring’ isn’t usually a word associated with blockchains. However, according to a recent article by MIT Technology Review, that’s exactly what they will become this year — as well as more useful. You don’t have to be a crypto veteran to know that this industry is famously volatile. The highs and (mostly) lows of recent months are characteristic… Read More »

Thai Government Agency Develops Blockchain Tech for Elections Voting

A Thailand government agency has developed a blockchain-based solution that’s set to digitalize elections voting in the country. According to a report from Bangkok Post on Thursday, Thailand’s National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), a unit of the Ministry of Science and Technology, has already completed the development of the system for blockchain-based voting and is looking… Read More »

Nigerian Lottery Company Partners with Quanta to Introduce Blockchain Powered Lottery

Naija Lottery recently announced its partnership with Quanta, in a bid to introduce blockchain technology to the traditional lottery market. Revolutionizing the Lottery Industry Using Blockchain According to The Punch, the International Lottery and Gaming Limited (ILGL) also known as Naija Lottery, partnered with a new investor, Quanta, to introduce a blockchain investment platform. Per the agreement, the coming… Read More »

Blockchain Can Fulfil its Promise of Global Business Transformation, says Rafal Szymanski

Rafal Szymanski, CEO of Global Tech Makers, believes that blockchain has the potential to be more than just a buzzword. The IT guru says that technology can fulfill its promise of transforming the landscape of the global business process. Beyond Cryptocurrencies Last year was undoubtedly the year of cryptocurrencies as prices reached peaked levels towards Q4. However, a… Read More »

Blockchain Technology Can Solve User Data Privacy Issues

Lucy Wang believes that blockchain technology holds the key to the actualization of robust data security for the digital landscape. The Lambda co-founder made the call recently while talking about the recent Marriott Hotel data breach. Data Breaches Aplenty Breaches that end up compromising user data aren’t a new phenomenon on the internet. Almost every website with a… Read More »

Blockchain Mining Benefits Beyond the Cryptocurrency Spectrum

Mining is an integral part of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology narrative. However, the process of discovering, validating, and adding new blocks (mining) to the chain has the potential to do more than increasing the money supply of a particular cryptocurrency. Moving Past Cryptocurrency Mining Apart from being responsible for creating new tokens in a cryptocurrency blockchain that… Read More »

$35 Million: Sequoia, Baidu Back Turing Award Winner’s Blockchain Project

A group of university professors and researchers including a Turing award winner have raised $35 million for a non-profit foundation that will support the development of a new blockchain network. Announced Tuesday, the Conflux Foundation is registered in Singapore and will use the proceeds to fuel work on its network. Backers include venture capital firms Sequoia China and… Read More »

The Bahamas Plans to Become a Leading Blockchain Hub

An NGO in collaboration with some institutions announced plans to establish blockchain developers in the Bahamas. The group also aims to place the Island at the forefront of distributed ledger technology (DLT) adoption. A Leading Blockchain Hub in the Caribbean According to The Nassau Guardian, an NGO known as the Caribbean Blockchain Alliance (CBA) is seeking to establish… Read More »