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To The Moon! Bitcoin Space Travel Gets Closer As Virgin Galactic Takes Flight

Billionaire Richard Branson appeared to cry tears of joy when his ‘Bitcoin-friendly’ Virgin Galactic reached the edge of space for the first time December 13. World Sees First Commercial Space Flight Branson, who revealed himself as a Bitcoin believer and investor in 2013, watched as SpaceShipTwo, the latest vehicle from the Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company, broke… Read More »

XYO Network Partners With Esri For Blockchain Enabled Geographic Information System

Advertisement XYO Network, a blockchain-based geographic information system (GIS) with an Ethereum token and its own blockchain network, announced today a partnership with Esri, one of the world’s oldest and largest GIS systems and mapmakers, a company founded in 1969. The partnership came about when XYO hired a former Esri employee and the partnership became an obvious move.… Read More »

The HTC Exodus 1 ‘Blockchain Phone’ is Here and It’s Underwhelming

This week saw the first reviews of the HTC Exodus 1 blockchain phone, as ‘Genesis Block’ pre-orders started to ship. However, threatening to steal HTC’s thunder came crypto-related trademark applications from Samsung, amid speculation features may arrive early next year. HTC Exodus Arrival So it’s finally here; 7 months on from its announcement in May, the first units… Read More »

This Privacy-Focused Interoperable Blockchain Bridges Ethereum and Bitcoin

Advertisement “Wanchain is a separate, independent, public chain,” CEO Jack Lu says on a recent December morning. He explains that it is essentially a fork of Ethereum which integrated a lot of privacy-focused changes and primarily focuses on cross-chain compatibility. Wanchain wants to be the bridge between blockchains, allowing multi-crypto transaction execution in a private manner. Officially, in… Read More »

Mastercard Applies For New Patent for Anonymous Blockchain Transactions – A Regulated Bitcoin Tumbler?

Advertisement Mastercard, the company who have gone through the entire process of laughing, fighting, and then embracing Bitcoin (and then attacking it again), have applied for another new patent in the blockchain space. Their last one was in regards to — we’re not making this up — a fractional reserve crypto bank. They describe a novel method of… Read More »

Six EU Nations Sign Agreement to Regulate Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

The Government of Malta this week announced the signing of a joint declaration of cooperation on Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT). They joined a group of six other Southern European countries; France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, and Cyprus. Transformative Technology The countries released a joint-statement noting a shared view that the digital sphere is an ideal policy area for… Read More »

Bitcoin Lightning Network Capacity Quadruples Since November

Lightning Network continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, with capacity now topping 460 BTC, and a reported 16,000+ channels. Lightning Network Sees Accelerating Growth It feels like Lightning Network (LN), bitcoin’s energetic, frugal young apprentice, is in the news every other week. Certainly, LN is regularly breaking fresh milestones, although to be fair, there are multiple criteria to… Read More »

It’s Now Easier (And More Profitable) to Mine Bitcoin After Difficulty Drop

As Bitcoin mining hash rate has decreased amid lower prices, the mining difficulty has adjusted by design, making it easier to mine bitcoin.  Bitcoin mining difficulty adjusts to lower price For most of 2018, while the bear market persisted, mining hash rate and difficulty for Bitcoin continued to increase. Now it appears that the mining arena just like… Read More »

Bitcoin Cash Infrastructure Dev: ‘Something Very Wrong With Bitcoin Cash ABC

Advertisement CCN is expanding. Are you our next full-time journalist from the West Coast USA? Send us your CV and examples here. An explosive Medium.com article by pseudonymous developer _unwriter, who primarily works on two Bitcoin Cash infrastructure projects call BitDB and BitSocket, both of which are critical to several Bitcoin Cash-community outfits, levies a number of serious… Read More »

Craig Wright Claims Bitcoin SV Will Process 1TB Blocks in Two Years

Dr. Craig S. Wright has a mission in mind for Bitcoin SV (BSV) to process terabyte-sized blocks. It’s a “2 year target” according to a tweet he published yesterday. 2 year target. 2-4 Million TPS peak 500k sustained Terranode Bitcoin — Dr Craig S Wright (@ProfFaustus) November 29, 2018 Wright didn’t elaborate on the how The post Craig… Read More »