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Crypto Accounting Firm Predicts Massive Loss Claims in IRS Tax Filings for 2019

With more people rushing into the cryptocurrency market since late 2017 and the subsequent year-long bear market in 2018, one accounting envisages a barrage of loss claims in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin tax filings next year. Record Loss Claims in Cryptocurrency Tax Filings In a press release by NODE40 – a cryptocurrency accounting firm, the company forecasts that the… Read More »

Ohio Becomes 2nd U.S State to Accept Bitcoin for Tax Payments

In what could be a further critical sign of cryptocurrency adoption in the U.S, businesses in Ohio will shortly be able to pay their taxes online using Bitcoin. The progression will be rolled out to personal taxpayers at some point in the future. ‘Planting a Flag’ for Bitcoin Adoption in Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel pioneered the idea… Read More »