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Bitcoin Won’t Succeed as Money: Pantera Capital CIO Joey Krug

Pantera Capital Co-CIO and Augur Core Dev Joey Krug // LinkedIn Pantera Capital’s CIO Joey Krug has written an extensive thesis stating Bitcoin won’t succeed as money. He stated that cash and payments are not the primary areas where blockchain technology catalyzes a paradigm shift. While Bitcoin may become digital gold, it cannot succeed as money given its… Read More »

Winklevoss Twins: Bitcoin Needs Regulation so Investors Don’t Get Burned

The crypto market hasn’t fully recovered from the effects of 2018’s “crypto winter,” with the Bitcoin price dipping below the $3,500 mark on Sunday before making a minor recovery. However, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, co-founders of crypto exchange Gemini, are sticking with their optimistic outlook for the market. Speaking in an interview with Fortune, the Winklevoss twins spoke on their… Read More »

Federal Reserve Blames Altcoins for Dragging Down the Bitcoin Price

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has released an article today about Bitcoin. In it, the bank notes that the price of Bitcoin has three potential futures: indefinite, infinite appreciation; zero; or somewhere in between. They believe it will be somewhere in between. The authors, David Andolfatto and Andrew Spewak, conclude that one of the factors dragging… Read More »

An Easy 25 Percent: ‘Bond King’ Jeffrey Gundlach Predicts Bitcoin Price Gains

Jeffrey Gundlach, the CEO of DoubleLine Capital who manages over US$200 billion in assets, has a tip for speculators – bitcoin price could rise to $5,000. According to CNBC, the Wall Street veteran who has earned the nickname “Bond King” for his expertise in bond investing, made the call in a webcast titled ‘Just Markets’: I don’t recommend… Read More »

Bitcoin: Crypto Hedge Fund Says ‘We’ll See More Lows Before We Head Higher’

Technical analysts believe the Bitcoin price is at a turning point. Using the GTI VERA Bands Indicator, a new Bloomberg article suggests that the flagship cryptocurrency could be “on the brink of a large move.” It could go either way, the indicator suggests. Bitcoin price moves over the past 18 months prove surprises could be on the cards.… Read More »

Here’s Why Bitcoin’s Future is so Bright: Digital Currency Group Exec

Digital Currency Group’s Travis Scher (Twitter) Bitcoin tanked in 2018, but the future of cryptocurrencies remains bright because you can’t stop progress. That’s the assessment of Travis Scher, a vice president at crypto investment firm Digital Currency Group. “2019 will be volatile, entertaining, and full of surprises,” Scher wrote in a Medium post. “But I am confident that the stress caused by… Read More »

Cryptocurrencies a ‘Load of Nonsense’, Claims ECB Council Member

Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies have just started recovering from their 16-month low. But a reputable member of the European Central Bank’s governing council believes that there is more room for collapse. Ardo Hansson, the governor of Bank of Estonia, has claimed that cryptocurrencies would die as a complete load of nonsense while speaking at “5 Years with the… Read More »

Crypto VC Says Everyone’s Forgotten about Bitcoin: Why That’s Okay

Placeholder co-founder Chris Burniske says the mainstream has forgotten about bitcoin. However, that’s not something to be upset about — it’s a normal phase of crypto’s development into a market-ready technology. Bitcoin Once Again Niche amid ‘Crypto Winter’ Burniske likely refers to the media outlets who have stopped reporting on the crypto industry and also to mainstream investors… Read More »

Chinese Analysts Say Bitcoin Bear Market Likely to Continue In 2019

Chinese analysts expect the current bitcoin bear market to continue in 2019, contradicting the bullish projections of crypto bulls like Mike Novogratz, who predicts that the bitcoin price will hit record highs this year. “In 2018, bitcoin became an investment black hole,” according to the state-run Beijing News. “Entering 2019, bitcoin prices are still showing signs of decline, and there… Read More »

Bet on ‘Biscuits Not Bitcoin’: Gateway Partners’ V. Shankar

In an interview with the Nikkei Asian Review, Gateway Partners Chief Executive V. Shankar reiterated his longstanding negative stance on bitcoin. “We are for biscuits, not bitcoins,” he said. Gateway’s Shankar Still Bearish on Bitcoin Towards the end of 2017, Shankar cautioned against three investment opportunities: Tesla, Argentina, and bitcoin. This was at a time when bitcoin was appreciating drastically… Read More »