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Bitcoin (BTC) Subreddit Surpasses One Million Subscribers

Bitcoin (BTC), Cryptocurrency–While most investors run for cover amidst the falling crypto prices, as the bear market of 2018 extends into the final month of the year, the Reddit based community for the number one cryptocurrency by market capitalization has hit a new milestone. Congrats r/Bitcoin, million subscribers. pic.twitter.com/nCHoSVIcgH — NVK (@nvk) December 3, 2018 On Dec. 2,… Read More »

Billionaire Novogratz Conference Call: Big Things Coming to Crypto in 2019, 2020

Bitcoin (BTC), Cryptocurrency–Mike Novogratz, the billionaire investor who has also been one of cryptocurrency’s largest supporters, has suffered with the rest of the market from the falling price of Bitcoin and altcoins. As previously reported by EWN, Novogratz’s crypto investment firm Galaxy Digital has lost in excess of $100 million throughout 2018, as the ongoing bear cycle for… Read More »

Jamie Dimon Getting Last Laugh as Bitcoin Continues to Fall

Bitcoin (BTC), Cryptocurrency, Wall Street–JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon might be the only one laughing as cryptocurrency prices continue to plummet. While investors across the space of cryptocurrency watch another day of double digit losses for Bitcoin and the larger altcoin market, the CEO of America’s largest bank has been vindicated in a few… Read More »

XAPO CEO Wences Casares Continues to Champion Bitcoin For the Right Reasons

Bitcoin (BTC), Cryptocurrency–It’s not often that discussions of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency occur without the overarching shadow of price, volatility and the wealth to made in a budding industry. However, Xapo’s CEO Wences Casares continues to be one of the strongest supporters for the industry–and for all of the right reasons. Casares, an Argentine tech entrepreneur and founder of… Read More »

Enter The Morgan: Morgan Stanley’s Clients Will Soon Be Trading Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been around for almost a decade now, and it’s safe to say that the crypto pioneer has done well in terms of price and overall market dominance. However, there are still points of friction plaguing the crypto’s market. One is regulation, and the other is adoption. By adoption, it means that the cryptocurrency needs to be… Read More »

Canada Gets Its First Bitcoin-Linked Mutual Fund Trust

Canadian investors are about to get in the real game. This is after First Block Capital Inc (FBC) was given the go-ahead by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) and the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) to operate under the privileged status of an approved mutual fund trust.  FBC is an investment company focused on the blockchain technology. What… Read More »

The Current Bitcoin (BTC) Market Situation Is A Tough Bulls And Bears Affair

Bitcoin seems to be swinging on a narrow ledge between bears and bulls, and that seems to be putting the crypto’s market at an uneasy position. On September 5, the crypto market saw an unprecedented shake-down after news broke that Goldman Sachs had scrapped its plans to build a crypto trading platform. Within 24 hours, Bitcoin had shed… Read More »

Expedia Confirms No Longer Accepting Bitcoin (BTC) For Payments

BITCOIN (BTC)–A spokesperson for Expedia, the popular U.S. based travel company which collects over 10 billion USD in annual revenue, has confirmed with Cointelegraph that the company will no longer be accepting Bitcoin for digital payments. The news of Bitcoin no longer being listed with the site was first pointed out by community members on June 10th, when… Read More »