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Crypto Investor: Bitcoin Has Upside Potential Due To Non-Correlated Nature

Bitcoin Is A Great Diversifier  Bill Miller, the chief of investment at American fund manager Miller Value Partners, recently appeared on CNBC’s “The Exchange” segment to discuss his thoughts on the cryptocurrency industry, along with his investment thesis regarding Bitcoin (BTC). Miller (69), worth purported dozens of millions, explaining that firstly, he doesn’t believe that anybody necessarily “needs”… Read More »

Hedge Fund Chairman Bill Miller Skeptical of ‘Overdone’ Ripple

Miller Value Partners (MVP) chairman & CIO Bill Miller has reiterated his faith in Bitcoin while publicly voicing suspicion about Ripple. Miller Consolidates Bitcoin Holdings Speaking to CNBC in an interview January 9, Miller, whose fund began buying up Bitcoin in 2014, said he had since “spun off” its Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash holdings into a separate fund.… Read More »

Amazon Stock Will Double In 3 Years, Says Hedge Funder Who Invested $1 Billion in Bitcoin

Investment manager Bill Miller — whose firm invested $1 billion in bitcoin in 2017 — predicts that Amazon’s stock price will double over the next three years, but believes Apple will struggle in the short term. “Amazon should double again in the next three years,” Miller — an Amazon perma-bull — told CNBC. “The top line is going grow somewhere in… Read More »

Bitcoin is the Most Stable Cryptocurrency, Says Billionaire Investor

Billionaire investor, Bill Miller believes Bitcoin is the cream of the crop as far as cryptocurrencies are concerned. The founder and chief investment officer (CIO) of Miller Value Partners also thinks that the top-ranked cryptocurrency is similar to gold.  Bitcoin is an ‘Interesting Technological Experiment’ In a recent Bloomberg interview, the self-proclaimed ‘Bitcoin observer’ revealed that he is… Read More »

Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Bill Miller is Bullish on Bitcoin

Advertisement There is a wave of high-end opinions going on around the cryptocurrency ecosystem at the moment. Fund managers and institutional investors are once again becoming more vocal about what they think will happen to bitcoin, altcoins, and the blockchain ecosystem as a whole. The vibe from a lot of users and opinion leaders portrays what could be… Read More »

Bitcoin is the King, Could Capture One-third of Gold Market – Fund Manager & Billionaire Investor

Bitcoin can reach one-third of gold market capitalization i.e. $3.6 trillion according to billionaire investor, fund manager, and philanthropist Bill Miller. Bitcoin is interesting while altcoins are worthless as per him who believes the limited supply of Bitcoin can take its price higher in the future. Bitcoin is limited, this can skyrocket its prices Bitcoin is currently trading… Read More »

Billionaire Investor: Most Crypto Will Fail, Bitcoin is King

The ideology of Bitcoin maximalism is heavily contested in the cryptocurrency community, with many seeing an aversion to altcoins as a stigma from the bygone Bitcoin-centric market. However, an investing legend from legacy markets has taken a stand as a fighter for Bitcoin, and Bitcoin only, claiming that most other cryptocurrencies are worthless.Bill Miller — An Unlikely Bitcoin… Read More »