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Committed Crypto Enthusiast Embarks On “21-Day Bitcoin Challenge”

Despite China’s crypto crackdown, a Chinese cryptocurrency enthusiast recently embarked on a twenty-one-day journey to survive solely on a small stash of Bitcoin, no more, no less.21 Days, 0.21 BitcoinWhen it comes to cryptocurrency diehards, there isn’t anyone as committed as China-based crypto proponent He You Bing, who recently took to China’s streets to begin her 21-day challenge that… Read More »

China Clamps Down Again — Silences Online Crypto Discussion

China Shuts Down Popular Online Crypto Forums The second coming of China’s crypto police has seemingly arrived, with the Asian country enlisting measures to cease the propagation of this nascent asset class over the past two weeks. Most recently, Baidu, China’s most popular search engine, has begun to restrict access to crypto-centric forums, discussion boards, and chat rooms on… Read More »

Iran: Central Bank Figure Hints Cryptocurrency Ban Will End In September

Iran will likely reverse its cryptocurrency ban in September, a central bank official told a conference August 26, paving the way for official regulation in the country. Regulators Revisit April Exchange Block The country, which introduced a blanket ban on trading in April this year, has since seen economic turmoil return to its economy in light of fresh… Read More »

China Escalates Cryptocurrency Ban Blocking 124 Offshore Exchanges

China will shortly block access to over one hundred international cryptocurrency exchanges and other platforms as the government’s crackdown escalates, local news media report August 23. Beijing On Crypto: We’ll Continue To Ban Everything According to the South China Morning Post quoting Chinese language resource Shanghai Securities News, lawmakers will shut down availability of 124 “websites operated by… Read More »

Beijing Bans Venues from Hosting Crypto Promotion Events

Beijing Bans Venues from Hosting Crypto Promotion Events Shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and office buildings in downtown Beijing have been ordered not to provide venues for activities that promote cryptocurrencies. A document, first circulated online on Wednesday, indicates that the district government has now banned commercial properties from hosting events relating to “cryptocurrency talks and… The post Beijing… Read More »

Vietnam Purportedly Bans Activities Associated With Cryptocurrencies

Vietnam’s State Securities Commission (SSC) has reportedly required companies as well as relevant funds to refrain from engaging in the transaction, issuance, or brokerage activities associated with cryptocurrencies.  Nationwide Cryptocurrency Ban The SSC in Vietnam banned public companies, fund management companies, securities companies as well as securities investment funds from participating in activities associated with cryptocurrencies, according to… Read More »

China Now Downplaying Blockchain Could Be Social Construct to Build It Up

China has led the way in terms of harsh regulations to quash cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. They were the first country to institute blanket bans on ICOs and exchanges, and have never taken to the decentralized and liberal freedoms that comes from cryptocurrencies. However, that does not mean that China is opposed to the potential revolutionary technology that comes… Read More »

Indian Crypto Regulation Ready by September: Official

The Indian government is expected to issue detailed cryptocurrency guidelines by September, a senior official from the country’s Ministry of Finance reportedly said. Consultations with all stakeholders including the central bank have already begun. This announcement is independent of the supreme court’s hearing of petitions relating to crypto regulation in India. Regulation Expected by September The Indian government… Read More »

Vietnam Central Bank Supports Call for a Ban on Cryptocurrency Miner Imports

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV); the country’s central bank, has adopted the Finance Minister’s call for a prohibition on the importation of cryptocurrency mining rigs. SBV Sides with MoF and MoIT In June 2018, Vietnam’s Ministry of Finance (MoF) called for a ban on the importation of cryptocurrency mining rigs. The call came after Prime Minister Nguyen… Read More »