What Caused Ethereum to Delay Their Much-Awaited Hard Fork?

Ethereum Core developers announced on Tuesday that they would postpone their much-awaited Constantinople hard fork.The team, which has previously settled January 16 as the official date for the Ethereum blockchain upgrade, decided to delay it after ChainSecurity found potential vulnerabilities in the code. The Switzerland-based blockchain audit firm said that Constantinople would enable “reentrancy attack,” whereby a pair… Read More »

Dow Futures Rise, But Bitcoin Wrestles with ‘Backwardation’

Dow futures rose ahead of Wednesday’s open. Bitcoin, meanwhile, wrestled with the impact of futures backwardation. | Source: Shutterstock US stock market futures rose ahead of Wednesday’s opening bell, with Dow contracts toying with a 100 point gain and others posting more modest increases. Cryptocurrencies, meanwhile, traded sideways as analysts weighed the impact of bitcoin slipping into “backwardation”… Read More »

Leading Ethereum Researcher Vlad Zamfir to Collaborate with Casper Labs to Speed Up CBC Upgrade

Vlad Zamfir. If you are an Ethereum aficionado, you know that one of their lead researchers, Vlad Zamfir, has been an integral part of the blockchain team since 2014. He is now primed to collaborate with the VC-based startup Casper Labs to speed up the Casper upgrade, although Ethereum will be partially funding his research. Casper Labs has raised… Read More »

Ripple: Only XRP Private Keys That Used Software From Before August 2015 Are Vulnerable

Ripple (XRP) software libraries published before August 2015 potentially rendered private keys which signed multiple transactions vulnerable, Ripple announced in a statement released on Jan 16. Recent research jointly conducted by the DFINITY Foundation and the University of California revealed that a portion of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple addresses are vulnerable. As is known among cryptographers,… Read More »

Bitcoin ETF Approval Could Ease EU Regulators Concerns About Crypto

Since the birth of Bitcoin, crypto assets have been in a regulatory grey zone. And for years on end, regulators across the globe left this industry’s constituents alone, seemingly deeming that cryptocurrencies weren’t a bonafide threat to society. However, following the advent of the Silk Road, Mt. Gox, and 2017’s monumental rally, governmental incumbents have sought to crack… Read More »

Art Hogan Slashes 2019 US Stock Forecast With 12%

Image from Shutterstock. National Securities Managing Director and Chief Market Strategist Art Hogan has adjusted his year-end target for the S&P 500 Index from his initial prediction of 3,250 points to 2,850, citing continued uncertainty caused by a mixture of factors including the ongoing U.S. government shutdown and the U.S. – China trade dispute. Art Hogan cuts his… Read More »