Tezos (XTZ) Prices Surges Following its Kraken Listing: Declining Trend Broken

Tezos [XTZ] Tezos [XTZ] dominates the leading board of coins which are ranked by market capitalization with its double digit increase only in the last 24-hours. Reaching the price of $1.44 against the US Dollar in the beginning of the week it counts 11.00 percent increase today while marching forth the BTC market for 12.50% in the green.… Read More »

Australian State of New South Wales Mandates Land Registry Shift to Blockchain by 2019

The government of the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) is set to complete a proof-of-concept (PoC) for a blockchain-based land registry system by summer 2019, ZDNet reported October 15. The new PoC is expected to be completed by the NSW Land Registry Services – together with Stockholm-based blockchain startup ChromaWay – by early 2019. The NSW… Read More »

Crypto Markets See Calm as Most Coins Consolidate Recent Gains

Tuesday, Oct. 16: Crypto markets are seeing some stability today following yesterday’s market upsing, with virtually all of the major cryptocurrencies seeing only minor price changes, both red and green, as of press time. Tether (USDT) has meanwhile seen a recovery, having yesterday slipped from its U.S. dollar peg to trade well below its historical price range, briefly… Read More »

Ethereum Foundation Makes A Splash With Wave 4 Grants

Various individuals and organizations within the Ethereum community have received funds for their projects, with a large slice of the pie going to the mobile Dapp browsing provider Status. On Monday, October 15, the Ethereum Foundation announced the recipients of its fourth wave of grants. Grantees range from Prototypal and Finality Labs to TrueBlocks and Gitcoin. Although the… Read More »

Indian Cryptocurrency Fraud Case Reaches Impasse

A one-year-old cryptocurrency fraud case, involving an Indian suspect, has reached a deadlock, as affected investors refuse to testify. Lack of Witness Testimonies Stall Proceedings A Goregaon resident, Subhashchand Jewria, was accused of luring investors to his fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme in 2017. Almost a year later, victims have not come forward to testify against Jewria. As reported by… Read More »

Tether Market Cap Sinks to $2.2 Billion as another 250 Million USDT Exits Circulation

Advertisement The loss of its U.S. dollar peg isn’t the only thing driving down the market cap of tether (USDT), the cryptocurrency market’s largest “stablecoin.” Tether Falls Below Dollar Parity The USD-backed token, which as recently as late August had a circulating valuation of nearly $2.9 billion, is now worth just $2.2 billion, representing a two-month decline of… Read More »

Fidelity Just Removed ‘Huge Obstacle’ to Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Here is why the cryptocurrency space was largely “impressed” by Fidelity Investments announcing it will offer its 27 million customers a way to store and trade digital currencies.  Fidelity Unveils ‘Fidelity Digital Assets’ Currently, Fidelity manages $7.2 trillion dollars, making it the fourth largest asset manager in the world. It is the leader in the United States when it comes… Read More »