XEcoins: Profit from the Grey Rhino

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Switzerland Government Calls for Study on State Cryptocurrency “e-franc”

Advertisement Join our community of 10 000 traders on Hacked.com for just $39 per month. Switzerland’s federal government has called for a study into the risks and opportunities of launching the “e-franc”, a proposed state cryptocurrency powered by blockchain technology. The Federal Council, Switzerland’s seven-member executive council that constitutes the federal government, has thrown its support behind a… Read More »

Santander Conducts Proxy Voting Blockchain Pilot at AGM

Banco Santander has completed a blockchain pilot that it says improves the process of proxy voting during annual general meetings (AGMs). For the project, announced Thursday, Santander partnered with global fintech firm Broadridge and custodian banks JPMorgan and Northern Trust, describing it in a press release as the “first practical use of blockchain” for shareholder voting. However, it should… Read More »

Bitcoin Jobs and Jobseekers Rise and Fall With Price, Research Shows

Wilma Woo · May 18, 2018 · 10:00 am Jobseekers looking for their big break with Bitcoin could have faced disappointment as offers exploded and crashed in line with prices. Price Highs = Employment Highs According to new research from “augmented writing” startup Textio, job offers relating to Blockchain and cryptocurrency rise and fall entirely depending on how… Read More »

Envion ICO Turns Into a Legal Battle Despite Raising $100M

The initial coin offering industry is plagued by scams, shady projects, and a lot of miscommunication. In the case of the Envion ICO, the founders are suing Matthias Woestmann and his corporation for breaching contractual obligations. This legal action against the shareholders of Envion AG, registered in Switzerland, doesn’t bode all that well for this particular project. WHAT IS… Read More »

AirPod’s Pre-Sale is Now on Track, Dates Announced

The token sale that will transform the traveling and napping industry is launching soon.The state-of-the-art ICO project by AirPod is taking off after the platform announced May 29, 2018, as the day when APOD tokens are going to become available for purchase. The token sale is set to start after the AirPod presentation at CryptoKonf in Belgrade on… Read More »

Binance Coin Price Shoots to Almost $15 in Quick Succession

Even though most cryptocurrencies are suffering from another round of bearish pressure, there is always at least one exception to take note of. Binance Coin is surging in value once again, although it is a bit unexpected. The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange is certainly making a lot of positive headlines, which directly affects the Binance Coin price, by the look of… Read More »